Living as One and Getting by in Fairfax County: Adult Day Health Care

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This is the second of a series of articles we’re calling “Living As One and Getting By in Fairfax County” that will shed some light on how our community is addressing income inequality by providing opportunities and services that help all of our residents to thrive.

In 2015, 11.1 percent of the population in Fairfax County was 65 and older. By 2030, that number is expected to increase to more than 14.8 percent. Providing a safe and affordable environment can be a challenge for the 76 percent of caregivers in our county who work outside the home and are responsible for an older adult who needs daily care.

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Providing Affordable Care for Our Older Adults

The Fairfax County Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) Program provides care for older adults and adults with disabilities at four centers. For many families, this program can be as much as 75 percent less expensive than the average cost of nursing home care. Medicaid or long-term care insurance may cover fees, too. To make this program affordable for all county residents, the fees are assessed on a sliding-scale based on the participant’s income ($16 to $109 per day).


Benefits of Adult Day Health Care

Infographic with statistics on ADHC and caregivers.

Our Adult Day Care Health Centers offer a wide range of activities that serve to promote physical and cognitive health and provide opportunities for social engagement. ADHC offers a safe and secure environment that allows caregivers peace of mind that their loved ones will be cared for and monitored closely throughout the day.

Ninety-one percent of caregivers report that by participating in ADHC, their loved ones can continue to live at home. And many caregivers report that their family members are more alert, show interest in daily life and have improved sleep, mood and physical health.

The program is available for adults ages 18 and older who require supervision during the day at least two days per week due to cognitive impairments, including all types of dementia or due to physical impairments. ADHC is available for residents of Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church.

Enroll in Adult Day Health Care


“My parents will both be 90 years old this summer and this program is the reason that I have been able to allow them to age in their home together. My mother really enjoys her time at the center, especially when they bring musicians as well as [participating in] the music and memory program.”Kathy Hartman, Herndon resident and caregiver


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