New Demographics Report Showcases Population, Housing Trends

demographics report cover

Who are we?

That question may seem existential, but collectively, we know quite a bit about ourselves as a community.

Our latest annual demographics report is now available and it provides some key insights in answering that question today, with projections into the future, too. In the collective sense, here’s our population:

2015 Population
  • 1,125,400
Projected Age Distribution
  • Under 5: 75,501 (6.7%)
  • 5-9: 76,948 (6.8%)
  • 10-14: 71,391 (6.3%)
  • 15-19: 71,394 (6.3%)
  • 20-24: 66,791 (5.9%)
  • 25-34: 159,809 (14.2%)
  • 35-44: 164,481 (14.6%)
  • 45-54: 169,669 (15.1%)
  • 55-64: 140,373 (12.5%)
  • 65 and older: 129,029 (11.5%)

The report shows where we live, too:

county map

By 2035, our population is forecast to grow to 1,314,312, with people age 65+ accounting for the largest segment (14.8%).


Anne Cahill, manager of the county’s economic, demographic and statistical research, says that beyond population numbers, three trends sum up the 2015 report:


Home Values Rise

In January 2015, the median market value of owned housing in Fairfax County reached $492,126, an increase of 10 percent from the year before. This is the largest increase in home values since 2006 (Note: market values are different than real estate assessments).


Housing Growth

Our community experienced an increase in residential development activity, adding more than 2,200 housing units during 2014. Strong development activity is being seen in the Silver Line Metro corridor and the majority of units being built are multifamily units.


Housing Forecast

Through 2045, it is expected that the county will add an additional 132,000 housing units and that multifamily units will comprise 86 percent of those built.


Read Full Demographics Report

The full report is chock full of all sorts of data down to U.S. Census land tracts. It also includes average rental prices, further demographic breakdowns and more data to help us understand who we are as a county.


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