Presidential Primary is March 1; What You Need to Know to Vote

The Presidential Primary race is coming to Virginia and Fairfax County on March 1. The polls will be open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Here is what you can do to be prepared to vote.


Find Your Poll Location

There are 242 poll locations in the county.

There are many voters who only vote every four years in the presidential primaries and election. Some polling locations have changed in the last few years. Please take a few minutes to double check your poll location, even if you have been voting in the same place for years. It could save you frustration and time on March 1.

Find Polling Place and Address


If you are planning to vote on your way home from work, keep in mind you need to be in line at your poll location by 7 p.m. in order to vote – give yourself plenty of travel time.

If you take public transportation, there are two convenient ways to find out how you can get you where you need to go on Election Day:

  1. Trip Planner: Metro’s Trip Planner provides instant itineraries for trips on Metrorail, Metrobus, Fairfax Connector and other local bus and rail systems. Schedules provide door-to-door fares and travel times, complete with walking directions and transfers.
  2. Transit Service Nearby: Enter a street address, intersection, or landmark name to find bus and rail service within 1 mile of your location.

Note: The Fairfax County School Board voted to make March 1 a school holiday, so classes will not be in session at the 167 schools that serve as poll locations.


Bring a Valid Form of Photo ID

There are several forms of acceptable photo ID:

If you do not have a photo ID, you can get a free photo ID from the Office of Elections. Contact us as soon as possible at 703-222-0776, TTY 711, or email


About Your Ballot

On March 1, there will be two primaries held in each poll location. Registered voters can vote for either a Democratic candidate or a Republican candidate, but not both. We do not register to vote to vote by party in Virginia.

The Presidential Primary ballots were printed in advance of absentee voting, which started in January. Several candidates have since withdrawn or suspended their campaigns. If you are unsure if your preferred candidate is still running for a party nomination for president, you can get information from media sources, the Fairfax County Democratic and Republican parties, as well as the League of Women Voters.

Democratic Party Sample Ballot Republican Party Sample Ballot


Note: On Feb. 4, the State Board of Elections approved the Republican Party of Virginia’s request to rescind use of a statement of affiliation to vote in the Republican Party Primary. Voters who request a Republican ballot for the March 1 Primary will not be asked to sign a statement of affiliation. More information will be found at


Where to Find Primary Results
  • Check Fairfax County results online after 7 p.m. (It may take a little while for results to come in with 242 polls reporting.)
  • Election Results Map with comprehensive view of  precinct-by-precinct results as they come in, including turnout numbers.  (Link will be live on March 1.)
  • Follow @fairfaxvotes on Twitter for election information and updates.
  • Get statewide results online from Virginia Department of Elections.


Keep in Touch With Official Election News and Updates

During the Primary and in the months until Election Day on Nov. 8, we will be bombarded with lots of information on the election and the voting process – some of it correct and some of it rumors or misinformation. There are several ways for you to be an informed Fairfax County voter and get news and updates from the Office of Elections:

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