RTC West Remakes 1980s Suburban Office Park Into New Urban Neighborhood


With a new name and new vision, the suburban office park that’s known today as the Reston Executive Center will become an urban neighborhood within a quarter mile from the Metro.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved JBG’s plans on Sept. 25 for its almost 14-acre property that’s now rebranded as Reston Town Center West.


Located at the corner of Sunset Hills Road and Town Center Parkway, the developer will add 1.3 million square feet in residential, retail and new office space. Reston Town Center West will retain the three existing six-story office buildings from the late ’80s, two four-level parking garages and a recent one-story building with Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurant and Starbucks.


Photo © Dan Cunningham and provided courtesy of L.F. Jennings

The development’s new name reflects its vision to extend the urban-style development at Reston Town Center to the west of the future Silver Line station with the same name. It becomes the latest mixed-use development approved near this rail stop.

Reston Town Center West will rise up across the street from Reston Gateway, a 4.8 million-square-foot project recently approved at the north entrance to the Metro station.


New Metro-Accessible, Urban Neighborhood

When fully built out, Reston Town Center will incorporate six new buildings with up to 576 apartments, including:

  • An eight-story, jewel box-like office and 22-story trophy office building. Both will be built along Sunset Hills Road, visible from the Dulles Toll Road.
  • A 20-story residential building with 293 apartments facing Town Center Parkway. A portion of this building will wrap around one of the existing parking garages.
  • A 22-story apartment building with 283 units. This building will wrap around a part of the second parking garage on-site today.
  • A seven-story, loft-like office building that will top one of the existing garages.
  • A one-story, 1,500 -quare-foot retail pavilion located in the project’s common green that will help to activate this park space.

RTC West will dedicate 16 percent of its apartments as affordable units, more than the recommended amount in the land use plan for Reston.



Underpass Beneath the Toll Road

JBG’s plans commit to several transportation improvements. The developer will create a new westbound, through lane on Sunset Hills Road that also allows for right-hand turns into RTC West.

Along the property, 5-foot wide, on-road bicycle lanes will be added to Sunset Hills Road and Town Center Parkway.

RTC West’s entrance along Town Center Parkway was aligned with Reston Gateway on the other side of the street. JBG will add a new crosswalk to this road to allow pedestrians to easily access the adjacent development and Metro station.

The developer is also dedicating land for a future four-lane underpass beneath the Dulles Toll Road. The tunnel extends Town Center Parkway south, connecting Sunset Hills Road and Sunrise Valley Drive.


Parks and W&OD Trail Connection

RTC West set aside 25 percent of the development as open space—10 percent more than required—including 1.79 acres in urban parks.

The parks include a .6-acre common green that’s intended to be a central gathering place. This green will include open lawn, outdoor seating, overhead trellis and a game area. The planned retail pavilion will be incorporated into the green, offering amenities like a coffee or wine bar.


The project will also deliver a half-acre linear park along its northern property line, parallel to the W&OD trail. It’s planned to offer flexible outdoor spaces for a volleyball court, Bocce ball, practice soccer goal and a Frisbee area.

This park includes a 10-foot wide path that connects with the W&OD Trail, and this path will offer a visual and physical connection to a one-way street with a dedicated bike lane that leads to the common green.



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