Two New Apartment Buildings Added to Tysons’ Scotts Run South Development

Scotts Run South is ready to add its next two buildings to its massive 17-building project under construction in Tysons.

The Board of Supervisors signed off on final development plans by developer CityLine for the two residential towers on May 1. In a related action, the board also approved a reduced height for one of the buildings from what was originally proposed in conceptual plans.

The high rises will be built on a 6.2-acre site at the intersection of Route 123 and Colshire Drive, about an eighth of mile from the McLean Metro Station. This site is the core block for the 30-acre Scotts Run South project that stretches along the south side of Route 123.


High-Rise Apartments and Retail

One of the new buildings will be located at the corner of Colshire Drive and Colshire Meadow Drive. This 28-story, L-shaped, tower will include 375 units and 71,000 square feet in retail.

The second, smaller apartment, located across from the first, will offer up to 100 residences and 18,200 square feet in retail. This high-rise was originally conceived to be a minimum of 26 stories, but the building’s height was lowered to 18 stories.

In keeping with housing goals for Tysons, 20 percent of the apartments will be dedicated as affordable housing.

Artist rendering of Scotts Run residential buildings.

Scotts Run South Residential Buildings

These two buildings will be joined by 6,900 square feet in interim retail space occupying two low-rise buildings closest to the Silver Line Metro station. In the future, these two temporary retail buildings will be replaced with two office towers.

When fully developed, almost two-thirds of the total retail planned for Scotts Run South will be located on this block.


New Local Street Grid for Tysons East

As part of this phase of development for Scotts Run South, the developer CityLine will make major road improvements that will help to build out the local street grid in this area in Tysons. They will extend Colshire Meadow Drive to Anderson Road.  They also will straighten a portion of Colshire Drive to create a more regularly shaped, four-way intersection with Colshire Meadow Drive. The plan also calls for the construction of Station Street, a new, east-west local road running between the future residential and office buildings on this block.

Scotts Run South Street Grid



Scotts Run South Overview

At more than 6.6 million square feet, Scotts Run South is one of the largest redevelopments in Tysons. The project, which was approved in 2013, includes seven apartments, nine offices, a hotel and retail.

Three buildings have already been delivered. The Haden, a two-building apartment complex with 425 units, on Anderson Road was completed in 2016. Mitre 4, a 14-story office building, was also finished two years ago.

Scotts Run development plan overview.


Scotts Run South is one of several major development projects on the south side of Route 123. Nonprofit corporation Mitre, one of the largest employers in the county, is adding to its 22-acre campus directly south of Scots Run. The county recently approved the company’s plans to add another 1.3 million square feet in office space.

To the southeast, Anderson Park is delivering the single largest residential development in Tysons.


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