Woodland Park East Mixed-Use Development Coming to Herndon Metro Station Area

An artist's rendering of what the Woodland East development will look like when built.

What a difference the Silver Line makes.

As the new rail line was just beginning to take shape 12 years ago, Tishman Speyer planned to build a 1.2 million-square-foot suburban office park in Herndon.

The New York City-based firm received approval from the Board of Supervisors to remake this same site into a mixed-use development.

The future home to 1.6 million-square-feet in homes and offices sits about a half mile from the Herndon Metro Station. The 31.5-acre property is south of the Dulles Toll Road between Monroe Street to the east and Corporate Drive to the west.

Aerial view of where the Woodland Park East development will be located.

Townhouses, Apartments and Offices

Called Woodland Park East, the development will carve up the vacant, wooded lot into five new blocks. The project is mainly residential with 678 units in total, and it includes:

  • 74 townhouses
  • 90 two-over-two, stacked townhouses
  • 515 apartments
  • Two office towers totaling 560,000 square feet
  • 20,000 square feet in optional retail

The development will provide affordable housing: 12 percent of the total units—or approximately 81—will be set aside as affordable or workforce housing. Five percent of homes also will incorporate universal design features, like stepless entries, so residents can age in place.

Woodland Park’s Five Block Plan

The Woodland site map showing the block-by-block plan.

  • Block A: Located on the western side of the site, this block will have 62 four-story townhouses with rear balconies that overhang a driveway. Private decks on the top level will overlook front yards.


  • Block B: To the east of Ferdinand Porsche Drive, this block will feature 70 two-over-two, stacked townhomes and 12 townhouses. The stacked units will be four stories, and they will face either open space or roads.


  • Block C: It will be developed with 20 four-story, stacked townhomes and a five-story, 140-unit apartment building with primarily underground parking.


  • Block D: Located next to Monroe Street, this block will have a six-story apartment building with up to 375 units. The building will wrap around an above-ground parking garage.


  • Block E: At the intersection of the Toll Road and Monroe Street, this block will be built up with two office towers that will have feature optional ground floor retail. The larger office closest to Monroe Street will rise up 16 stories while the smaller building will reach 14 stories.
Whiffle Ballfield, Playgrounds and Open Space

In total, the development will offer 6.1 acres of public parks and 2.8 acres of private open space. The public parks include a 1.3-acre, connected open space between blocks A and B that have playground equipment and gathering space. The office block incudes a 1.9-acre park for active recreation, including a basketball court, whiffle ballfield, open play area and seating. Woodland Park also incorporates the existing 3.6-acre Central Park that’s located between Eastpark Drive South and East Park Drive North.

New Streets and Trails to Metro

Woodland Park East includes a major new street that helps to build out the future street grid in this area. Called East-West Drive, this two-lane road with bike lanes and parking will connect Monroe Street to Corporate Park Drive. This new road will end in a mini-roundabout at the intersection with Corporate Park Drive. It also provides for the possible, future extension of East-West Drive to Centreville Road, as envisioned in the county’s land use plan.

The project also will provide trials to connect the development to the Metro station. This includes a trail that’s off the property.


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