Your Tax Dollar Breakdown

Picture of a school bus.

The Board of Supervisors approved the new county budget for Fiscal Year 2017 on Tuesday. The budget goes into effect on July 1 and your tax dollar will be broken down this way:

Infographic showing a dollar bill indication how much of each tax dollar goes to each major category of the county's FY 2017 budget.

Your Tax Dollar Breakdown
  • Fairfax County Public Schools: 53 cents
  • Public Safety and Courts: 17 cents
  • Health and Welfare: 13 cents
  • Debt Service, Capital and Transfers: 7 cents
  • General Government, which includes operations, elections and IT: 4 cents
  • Public Works: 2 cents
  • Community Development: 2 cents
  • Libraries, Parks and Recreation: 2 cents
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What’s Next?
  • The county government is undergoing a multi-year Lines of Business process to identify opportunities for budget cuts and efficiencies. It is a great opportunity for you to learn any details about how your county works and the services it provides.
  • The budget is a year-round process and county staff are reviewing economic indicators and revenue estimates to prepare for the Fiscal Year 2018 budget.

Learn more about how the budget process works:

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