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Daryl Washington,
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Developmental Disability Services Reengagement

Updated April 13, 2021

In cooperation with our community partners, the CSB has maintained contractual and direct oversight of Developmental Disability Services (DD) support coordination, case management, residential and employment and day services during the COVID-19-related challenges and restrictions. As you are likely aware, program operations have been hampered, if not completely halted, by pandemic-related challenges. These include routinely updated emergency operations guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), state, county and Health Department COVID-19 guidelines for staff and participants on:

  • Securing and ensuring proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE).
  • COVID-19 exposures.
  • Quarantines.
  • Isolation.
  • Program closures.
  • Infection surges.

With this frequently changing landscape, consistent operations and communication have been challenging. The following information, contacts and frequently asked questions has been developed to assist DD service participants, families and the community about the current status of programs and services.

Operational Status

CSB Contracted Employment and Day Services (EDS)

Most of the CSB contracted employment and day service providers have been closed for facility-based in-person services during the past year. Some providers have attempted and even initiated a reopening only to reclose with increasing infection rates. Providers are experiencing numerous staff vacancies and some furloughed staff have sought other positions. Providers have offered and the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has supported the provision of virtual or telephone services. Information on specific programs follows:

  • Individual Supported Employment (IDS):  Supports have continued and are available however many jobs are on hold or have been lost due to the pandemic. IDS is contingent on employer and employee willingness and availability in order to continue to operate.
  • Group Supported Employment (GSE):  Most employment sites and jobs have been closed or lost. For those still operating, supports are available and being provided.
  • Sheltered Employment (SE):  In-person SE through MVLE has not been operating due to pandemic restrictions.
  • Day Support (DS):  In person DS through most providers has not been operating due to the pandemic restrictions. While most providers have reopening plans, the timing is uncertain based on the related logistics (safety, transportation, staff availability, willingness of participants, regulations, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Transportation:  Most transportation for the above programs is limited at present due to safety precautions. This is a dynamic situation subject to change as pandemic restrictions lift and the reopening of our community ensues.
  • Self-Directed Services (SD):  SD staff continue to facilitate SD services with the caveat that many services and providers are either temporarily closed or limited operationally.
  • CSB Contract teams remain available to support contractors and the community.

CSB Assisted Community Residential Services (ACRS)

  • ACRS directly operated and contract programs are operational, however most residences have restricted access to manage infections and safety.

Support Coordination (SC)

  • SC has continued operations through telehealth to conduct individual sessions, assessments and intakes. In-person face to face activities will resume in accordance with DBHDS/DMAS emergency guidelines. As of April 2, 2021, face to face services are scheduled to resume May 1, 2021. Note that this date has changed several times. Despite this, face to face meetings may be requested provided COVID-19 safety precautions can be effectively managed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Employment and Day Service providers open for congregate or facility-based services?

Each provider is working to reopen on-site operations as soon as is possible given the COVID-19 restrictions, staff availability and particularly safety. Individual provider web sites should be regularly checked for operational status. A list of web sites and contact information is available following these FAQs. Additional considerations regarding reopening in-person operations include:

  • DMAS has allowed providers to continue virtual services through July 31, 2021.
  • Group homes can quarantine or control access through December 31, 2021.
  • Persons living at home may not have vaccine access.
  • Some participants and families do not want to return at this point.
  • Staff have been furloughed in most cases and may no longer be available for programs.
  • Reopening plans have been developed and vetted through DMAS; providers are evaluating:
    • Who wants to return.
    • Level of community infection.
    • Residential placement allows return.
    • Transportation.
    • Staffing plans.
    • Vaccinations.
    • Virginia’s state of emergency status.
    • Degree of on-site physical distancing capability.

Will June 2021 Special Education Graduates receive CSB support for Employment and Day Services?

Yes, EDS will be available to June 2021 special education school leavers. Program availability, capacity, safety, etc. along with all the previously referenced logistics will impact initial placements.

What impact is COVID-19 having on transportation to employment and other programs?

Providing transportation during the pandemic has been a challenge if even available. Safety protocols are difficult to manage. For example, Logisticare-contracted providers each have their own set of safety standards developed for their service. Metro Access will not transport any person with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test. With uncertainties in rider willingness to return to work, and the need for re-routing based on this willingness, transportation services are in a dynamic transition. Specifics are changing regularly, so please check with the individual transportation broker or provider for specifics. Seek support from your Support Coordinator as needed.

Are day programs allowed to support individuals in residential facilities?

DBHDS allows Group Day Services to be provided through video conferencing for individuals in residential facilities. Visitation to many group homes remains restricted per CDC guidelines and recommendations. Day programs and vocational providers have created content to engage individuals while they are home. 

Can providers reach out to individuals, families and group home staff in advance of scheduling virtual services to discuss what is needed, expected and what is optimal to manage family and residential program supports?

We understand that families and residential providers are challenged to support individuals with virtual service options, particularly with insufficient notice on scheduling, technology needs and the level of support needed to make the experience beneficial for those receiving virtual supports in the home, and often for the first time ever. 

Yes, providers can reach out to individuals, families and group home staff in advance of scheduling virtual visits. Please reach out to the identified contacts on the provider list below and initiate these discussions. If you have any issues with contacting providers, please also reach out to your support coordinators or the identified CSB contract managers for assistance.

Are residential providers allowed to provide day supports in the home?

If a provider is licensed for both residential and day supports, they may provide day services in the home. The provider should contact their DBHDS Licensing Specialist to let them know day services will be provided or will otherwise resume in the home. Providers should contact their DBHDS Licensing Specialist if they would like additional information on initiating day support services in their agency.

All of our residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine. When will residents living in congregate settings go back to their day programs?

Day and employment services providers have unique reengagement plans based on their logistics and capacity to comply with mandated and recommended precautions. So, it is best to reach out to your provider and inquire. Some are planning town halls and Q&A sessions; check their websites and/or reach out to them using the contact information provided below. Please keep in mind that not all members of the community have been vaccinated. Consequently, exposure risks for contracting the COVID-19 virus remain. A growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to have asymptomatic infection and potentially less likely to transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others. However, further investigation is ongoing. Reopening plans must consider individuals living in a congregate setting and living with family. Because minimizing risk is a goal, it will be important for all of us to make a cooperative effort to continually educate individuals supported in programs about the risks and safety precautions needed now once day and employment and day services resume.

Please note that if you have been vaccinated, you should still take steps to protect yourself and others, such as wearing a mask and staying at least 6 feet apart from other. 


Employment and Day Service Provider Contact Information

CSB Staff Contact List

(Note: CSB staff are available for questions during regular work hours)

  • Employment & Day Services
    • Evan Jones, Service Director, 703-324-4480 (office), 571-641-1630 (cell)
    • Kevin Lafin, Service Manager, 703-324-7139 (office), 571-241-4630 (cell)
  • Assisted Community Residential Services
    • Joseph Rajnic, Service Director, 703-324-4419 (office), 571-585-6001 (cell)
    • Adrienne Walters, Service Manager, 703-324-4428 (office),  571-536-4416 (cell)
  • Support Coordination
    • Sierra Simmons, Service Director, 703-324-4446 (office), 571-235-4566 (cell)
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