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May 4, 2022 Commission Meeting (Electronic)

Commission Meeting
5/04/2022 7:30 pm



Commissioner Crawford (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Bell-Krasner (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Bhinge (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Hudson (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Salinas (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Solon (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Shannon (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Shipman (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Commissioner Shumaker (Home, Fairfax, VA)

Director Kenneth Saunders (Home, Washington, D.C.)



Commissioner Conde

Commissioner Malik  




Commission Chair Gloria Crawford called the Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Commission Meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.


Approval of Agenda:  It was moved by Commissioner Bell-Krasner and seconded by Commissioner Solon that the May 4, 2022 Agenda be approved as Amended.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.


Approval of Minutes:  It was moved by Commissioner Salinas and seconded by Commissioner Shumaker that the February 16, 2022 Minutes be approved as presented.  The motion passed by majority vote, with Commissioner Hudson and Bhinge abstaining.   



STAFF ISSUES:  Commission Crawford mentioned to the Commission that Margot Squires, the Fair Housing Specialist, is retiring this summer.





HRC #2018086E – Conciliation:  It was moved by Commissioner Solon and seconded by Commissioner Salinas that the Conciliation Agreement in this matter be accepted as presented.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.


HRC #2019065E – Public Hearing Recommendation:  It was moved by Commissioner Shumaker and seconded by Commissioner Solon that a Public Hearing not be scheduled in the matter of McKinsey v. Priority Nissan Chantilly and that this case be closed before this Commission.  The motion passed by majority vote with Commissioner Salinas opposing.



COMMUNITY CONCERNSCommissioner Crawford noted that she attended the Fair Housing webinar that was presented as part of OHREP’s Fair Housing Month program.  Commissioner Crawford stated that it was a very educational and informative webinar.  



PENDING BUISNESSIn person Meetings - Commissioner Bell-Krasner noted that the Commission is of such high importance that it should now meeting in person.  Commissioner Bell-Krasner stated that they are reaching a point where the covid -19 order is no longer applicable to prevent the commission from meeting in person he proposed a flexible trial to ease into the suggested transition.  Director Saunders mentioned to the Commissioners that some County policies state that the staff may not be required to attend in person (ADA accommodation), and they may have the option of participating via zoom or by phone. Deputy Director Pat Stephan-Fawcett mentioned to the Commission that the County Attorney’s office, had sent out information concerning office practices to hold in person meetings. It would be best if OHREP sent out that information to the Commissioners so they may be informed prior to voting on the issue.  Commissioner Salinas moved to table this matter until further guidance is provided to Boards and Commissions.  The motion passed by majority vote with Commissioner Bell-Krasner voting no. 


NEW BUSINESS:  Commissioner Alber’s Plaque - Director Ken Saunders informed the Commissioners that the plaque was delivered to Commissioner Alber’s widow.  A memorial is planned for later on this year and Director Saunders will let the Commissioners know when it is scheduled.  



The meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.


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