Infant-and-Toddler-Connection (ITC)

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Infant & Toddler Connection (ITC) - Types of Services

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Following are some examples of Infant & Toddler of Fairfax-Falls Church (ITC) services for families:

  • Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapists help a child develop skills to support their participation in the activities of their everyday life, and to care for themselves performing activities such as feeding, dressing, bathing and playing.
  • Physical Therapy – Physical Therapists help a child develop his/her maximum potential for movement needed to access their daily environment and participate in functional activities.
  • Speech-Language Therapy – Speech-Language Pathologists help a child develop skills to communicate his/her needs including addressing aspects of communication such as respiration, cognitive, receptive and expressive language, and verbal speech functions. A speech-language pathologist is also concerned with the swallowing function of a child for managing oral feeding.
  • Developmental Services/Infant Education – Infant Educators/Developmental Specialists implement developmental activities to further a child’s cognitive, play, and communication skills to improve their opportunities for learning and maximizing thinking and learning skills.
  • Nutrition Services – Nutritionists provide guidance to families in helping their child meet his/her nutritional needs to achieve their growth potential and maintain or improve their health status.
  • Vision and Hearing Services – Vision and Hearing Support is provided to children who have diagnosed vision and/or hearing impairments. Developmental Specialists with specified training in these areas of concern are available as Early Intervention service providers.
  • Family Support and Counseling – Family Support Counselors or Social Workers are concerned with the social welfare, social change and social justice for a child and family. They specifically address social and emotional development, challenging behaviors, and parent-child relationships. These staff are Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professionals.
  • Service Coordination – Service Coordinators are assigned to families upon referral to ITC, and act as case managers throughout the course of the child’s time receiving early intervention services. They will help the child transition from ITC to whatever comes next for the child and family.

All service providers are Certified Early Interventionists by the Virginia State Part C Office.

The family is part of the expert team that decides which early intervention services are needed for their child. Family involvement is very important because service providers work in partnership with families to support children's developmental progress. Early intervention services are provided in the child’s typical environment (home, child care, etc.) and in the context of the child and family’s daily activities.

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