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Infant & Toddler Connection (ITC) - What Are Early Intervention Services?

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Early intervention supports and services fit into the family’s life and take place as part of the daily activities, routines, and environments of each child and family.

Since most of a child’s learning happens during everyday activities (between service provider visits), early intervention supports and services are provided at a frequency that matches the family’s and other caregivers’ need for support to be comfortable in using intervention strategies.

For most children and families, one primary service provider will be working in partnership with the family to address the desired outcomes. Other team members support the primary provider and the child and family by consulting with the primary provider, coming on joint visits with the primary provider to the child and family, and/or making suggestions to help the child make more progress toward the outcomes.

Following an initial screening, the families of children who are eligible for services through the Infant & Toddler Connection participate in an evaluation called an Assessment for Service Planning meeting. Early intervention supports and services are based on the outcomes developed by the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) team.

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