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Whether you are a homeowner who wants to build a deck or finish a basement or a commercial developer looking to build a new subdivision, the resources and information below will help you determine your project's feasibility, what steps are required to reach your goals successfully, and the appropriate agencies that will you assist you in the development process.


PLUSPLUS is Fairfax County’s central platform for land development-related applications (permits, licenses and other records).

New to the process?

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If you are new the land development process or have not built in Fairfax County before - get an overview of the process to ensure a successful project.


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If you are new to our processes, use the Building Permitting Wizard to help guide you through each step you need to take. 

If you have gone through the process beforeapply for your building permit now.

Staff is Available for Assistance

Get development agency contact information for things such as:

  • Permits, plans & inspections
  • Developing sites
  • ePlans
  • Public Records Requests

Need Assistance With Your Project?


Fairfax County provides a Project Management Program to help customers achieve their goals by guiding them through the land development process. It is focused on facilitating an environment of enhanced communication and cooperation among all project stakeholders. The program’s key components for success are mutual accountability in communications, quality and schedule.



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