Development Services Customer Information Center

The Development Services Customer Information Center (CIC) provides a centralized location for customers to obtain information from Department of Planning and Development and Land Development Services staff members who can help them navigate the county's land development process. 

Through the CIC, customers can ask questions of the Planner or Engineer of the Day to get answers to questions about the development process and be directed to correct departments and staff to move their plans forward. The CIC staff can be reached by phone:

  • Planner of the Day
    • Zoning Permits (Plats, Permit Review, Occupancy, Home Occupations) 703-222-1082, TTY 711
    • Zoning Administration (Zoning & Noise Ordinance Questions, Appeals, Signs) 703-324-1314, TTY 711
    • Zoning Evaluation (Zoning Applications, Staff Reports) 703-324-1290, TTY 711
    • Planning Division (Comprehensive Plan) 703-324-1380, TTY 711
  • Site and Subdivision Plans: Engineer of the Day, 703-324-2268, TTY 711

Assistance and answers provided by Engineers and Planners of the Day is preliminary in nature and does not constitute a binding determination for land use or approval of plans.  Customer must submit an official land use determination request and/or professional building/site plans for review.

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