Development Services Contact Information

Questions Related to Construction/Building and Site Permits and Inspections (LDS)

Visit the Land Development Services (LDS) Meet With Staff page for phone numbers, email addresses, information about in-person support and links to request virtual meetings.

Questions Related to the Planning and Development of Sites

Speak to an engineer regarding your site plans: 703-324-2268, TTY 711, (formerly known as EOD)

Questions Related to Planning and Development (Zoning)

  • Zoning Permits (Plats, Permit Review, Occupancy, Home Occupations) 703-222-1082, TTY 711
  • Zoning Administration (Zoning & Noise Ordinance Questions, Appeals, Signs) 703-324-1314, TTY 711
  • Zoning Evaluation (Zoning Applications, Staff Reports) 703-324-1290, TTY 711
  • Planning Division (Comprehensive Plan) 703-324-1380, TTY 711

Questions Related to Permits, Plans and Inspections from the (Office of the Fire Marshal)

Public Records Requests

Most LDS records are available online. If you don’t find what you need, submit a FOIA request or email FOIA staff at

For records from the Office of the Fire Marshal, submit a FOIA Request via email to  For assistance, the Revenue & Records Branch staff can be reached at 703-246-4803, TTY 711.

Assistance and answers provided by Engineers and Planners of the Day are preliminary in nature and does not constitute a binding determination for land use or approval of plans. Customer must submit an official land use determination request and/or professional building/site plans for review.

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