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Class four and larger arch Rolling 4 week average

Class four and larger arch Rolling 4 week average

Building definitions:

New Commercial Buildings

  • Complex: high-rise building of all use groups and low-rise buildings of complex use groups (A, E, H, I, R-1, R-2, R-4).
  • Non-Complex: low-rise buildings of non-complex use groups (B, F, M, S, U).

Commercial Tenant Improvements

  • Fast Track: tenant improvements up to 4,500 square feet for non-complex use groups.
  • Tenant Alterations: tenant improvements not eligible for Fast Track.

Residential Construction

  • Single Family Dwellings: custom homes, use group R-5, of any size.
  • Masterfile: countywide, multi-location detached houses or townhouses, use groups R-3 or R-5, of any size.
  • Additions: multi-story additions or one-story additions over 1,000 square feet. Please note: all other residential improvements are reviewed in one day and thus not counted in the review timeframes provided. Alterations to condos are considered commercial tenant improvements.

EPR: Plans review under the Expedited Building Plan Review Program that have been pre-reviewed by county-approved third-party peer reviewers.

Inspection Holdovers: inspections not completed on the day requested.

Site Definitions

  • SP: Site Plan
  • SD: Subdivision Plan
  • PI: Public Improvement Plan
  • DPE: Designated Plan Examiner
  • INF: Infill Lots

Please note, times listed are averages based on plans processed in recent reviews and may not reflect your actual review time.

Annual Report

Land Development Services’ "by the numbers" annual report demonstrates the volume of plans reviewed, permits issued and inspections conducted, as well as other metrics integral to the department's service delivery.

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