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Fire & Rescue Department,
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Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Medic

Our employment application will remain open through Friday, December 18, 2020.  We anticipate reopening our application process in February 2021.  Remember to check back for updates.  You can sign up at the Fairfax County Career Pages for Job Alerts to receive an email notification when the application reopens.   

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) is a premier all-hazards fire and rescue department providing advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical care, fire suppression, technical rescue, hazardous materials, water rescue, life safety education, fire prevention, and arson investigation services.  Approximately 1,400 highly-trained uniformed personnel, working in 38 strategically placed fire and rescue stations, form the FRD.

The FRD operates via three 24-hour rotating shifts.  The FRD includes 38 ALS engines,

14 ALS trucks/towers, 8 ALS rescue squads, 5 tankers, a hazardous materials unit, a hazardous materials support unit, and 42 medic units.  Several types of apparatus, such as brush trucks, boats, and support vehicles supplement the needs of the FRD.  Additionally, the FRD is home to VATF-1, one of two internationally deployable Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Teams in the United States.  

A Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provides firefighting and emergency medical services, participates in community risk reduction activities, operates apparatus and equipment, participates in physical fitness training, attends drills and training, maintains and inspects equipment, and performs other related duties.  No Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Certification is required at the time of application.

The Firefighter/Medic job posting is open for those who possess a National Registry Paramedic or a Virginia Paramedic Certification.  Applicants with paramedic certifications are encouraged to apply. FRD affords applicants, with a paramedic certification, the ability to become authorized advanced life support providers either during or following completion of the probationary period.  The FRD provides continuing education to personnel with a paramedic certification during and following the probationary period.

Applications will ONLY be accepted online at First time applicants must set up an account before applying.  All other applicants can use their existing username and password.  An email address is required to apply online.  Upon completion and submittal of an application, a confirmation receipt is generated and emailed to the applicant.  All personal information, including email addresses, can be updated at any time by logging in to

Applications may be entered in Fairfax County’s Career Page.

For technical questions regarding the application procedure, refer to the Application Guidelines and Tips

Applicants do not need to submit a new application if they have an active or completed one in the system.  Applications remain in an open active status until the applicant is notified of a change in status.

Contact information for the Recruitment Staff

Email: Fairfax County FRD Recruitment Section

Phone: 703-246-3939

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department
Recruitment Section
12099 Government Center Parkway, 4th floor
Fairfax, VA 22035



Comprehensive 25 years Retirement Plan

Paid Holidays

Annual and Sick Leave

Group Health Benefits/Vision

Dental and Life Insurance

24-hour Shift Differential

Deferred Compensation Program

Employee Assistance Program

College Tuition Assistance

Flexible Spending Accounts

Military Leave

G.I. Bill Education Benefits

Application Process

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a high school diploma or GED at the time of application
  • Be age 18 or older at the time of application
  • No driving suspensions or more than one moving violation within the last 12 months
  • Drug free for the past 12 months
  • Possess a valid motor vehicle driver's license at the time of application and at all times during employment in the uniformed service

Note: Illegal drugs use during the last twelve months, and/or two or more moving traffic violations during the last twelve months will disqualify you from further consideration.

Applicant Selection Process

There is no residency requirement to apply. The selection process consists of the following steps:

  • Application
  • Personal History Statement and Documents Review
  • Written Exam
  • Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) Preparation
  • CPAT Exam
  • Polygraph Evaluation
  • Medical Examination
  • Psychological Profile Evaluation

Application: All supplemental questions must be answered completely. If a question does not apply, applicant must use N/A. Any incomplete, inaccurate, untruthful or misleading responses will be cause for disqualification from the application process.

Personal History Statement and Documents Review: The completed notarized Personal History Statement and all required documents must be mailed as one packet (not hand delivered) and post marked by the deadline to the Recruitment Section. All documentation is subject to approval. Any incomplete, inaccurate, untruthful or misleading statement(s) in the Personal History Statement will be cause from disqualification from the application process.

Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) Preparation and CPAT: Departments using CPAT as a condition of hire must give all candidates an opportunity to attend at least two CPAT orientation sessions (practice) and view the CPAT orientation video within the eight-week period preceding the test. During these sessions, candidates will receive hands-on familiarity with the test apparatus and receive guidance on specific conditioning regimens and techniques to help prepare for the test. In addition departments must ensure that each candidate has an opportunity to perform two timed trial runs of the CPAT within 30 days of the test.

Note: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view these files.

Overview of CPAT with Pictures (PDF, 362K, large file)

CPAT Candidate Preparation Guide (PDF, 75.7M, large file)

CPAT Video (DOCX, 13K)

THE WRITTEN EXAM: The written exam consists of 155 multiple-choice questions. The exam includes, but is not limited to reading comprehension, basic math, physics and grammar. The allotted time to complete the exam is 2.5 hours. Applicants must obtain a passing score of 70 percent or above to continue with the process. The department utilizes the National Firefighter Selection Inventory. Applicants wishing to purchase a study guide may do so by calling 1-(800)-343-4473 or visit the Internet at

THE POLYGRAPH EVALUATION is conducted by a certified polygraph examiner through the Fairfax County Police Department, or other certified agency. The polygraph evaluation (Psychophysiological detection of Deception) measures the accuracy of information provided during the selection process. This evaluation can take up to four hours to complete.

THE MEDICAL EXAMINATION is conducted by the Fairfax County Public Safety Occupational Health Center. You must receive an "A" classification on your medical exam to continue in the selection process. You will be notified of your classification by mail. This examination can take up to four hours to complete.

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE EVALUATION is conducted by the Special Psychological Service Group (SPSG), or another agency. This evaluation measures the psychological suitability for a career in the Fairfax County FRD. It consists of several written tests and a structured clinical interview. This test can take up to eight hours to complete.

Fairfax County is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, committed to workplace diversity. If you require special accommodations to proceed in the selection process, please contact the Recruitment Section at (703) 246-3939 prior to the scheduled event. Please update your account with any changes to your address, email or phone number to ensure proper notification on our end for each exam by clicking on the following link: Please make sure you update your SPAM to accept emails from Fairfax County.


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