Urban Forest Management

Trees provide significant levels of environmental, social and economic benefits to our community. For over 30 years, Fairfax County has been proactive in raising awareness about the importance of trees and forests in our community. Learn More about Urban Forest Management in Fairfax County 

Who To Call, News, Tree Benefits

Who To Call

Tree on a house

The responsibility for hazardous trees generally lies with the people or agency that owns or maintains the property. Get information on how to handle emergency situations and who to contact about hazardous trees.

News and Videos


Trees Are The Answer

Tree planting

Every dollar spent on planting and caring for a community tree yields benefits that include cleaner air, lower energy costs, improved water quality and storm water control and increased property values.

Tree Care

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning in Progress

Before removing a tree, consider the benefits of conserving the tree and if some pruning and care would be a better approach.

Planting and Care

proper tree planting

Trees are a great investment in your property and a source of pride and pleasure. Proper planting and maintenance are essential to protect your investment and make the most of the benefits of having trees.

Insects and Diseases

Fall Cankerworm

Learn how to identify Fairfax County's most notorious pests, what to do when you spot them and how to create a healthy tree environment.

Identify and Select

Tree Identification

tree to be identified

Not sure what kind of tree that is? These tools will help you find the species of tree which will help you find information on how to properly care for it.

Tree Selection

large tree by the roadside

A tree is a long term investment, so plant the right tree in the right location.

Know the Rules

excerpt from the public facilities manual

For the benefit of everyone, trees are protected by a set of policies, standards, ordinances and regulations.

Resources, Outreach, Volunteer

Publications and Forms

I-Tree Ecosystem Analysis Report Cover

Find important reports and forms related to the management of trees

Outreach and Education

Tree planting at elementary school

Request a tree program for your classroom.


Tree Planting with Kids

Public Works strives to protect and enhance the natural environment, but we can’t do it alone. Find opportunities to get involved with tree planting groups.

Partners and Friends
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