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Brian Keightley,
Division Director, Urban Forest Management

Forest Pests - Insects and Diseases

The Forest Pest Branch is tasked by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to monitor for, provide control of (when necessary and possible) and to provide outreach and education about a number of forest insect pests and diseases. 

Any insects or diseases for which the Forest Pest Branch provides services must first be approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and placed on the list of insects and diseases that can be controlled with funds collected by local service or tax districts. To date, the insects and diseases on this list are Asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, fall cankerworm, spongy moth, sudden oak death, thousand cankers disease of walnut trees, and hemlock wooly adelgid.

The Forest Pest Branch conducts an active outreach/public education program targeting school and civic groups, and the public at large to promote the benefits of healthy trees and forests. Visit Urban Forestry Education Programs.

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