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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information for Health Care Providers


If you have a patient who meets VDH Updated Guidance on Testing for COVID-19 Public Health Lab Testing High Priority Criteria, please complete the COVID-19 Testing Request Form. Requests can only be made for patients by their healthcare provider. For general questions about testing, please contact the Fairfax County Health Department at 703-267-3511.


Case Reporting

COVID-19 is a rapidly reportable condition in Virginia.

Healthcare providers are legally required to report all suspect cases (symptomatic individuals with contact to a confirmed case) and positive lab reports to the local health department immediately.


Point of Care (POC) testing is a medical diagnostic testing conducted outside of a traditional laboratory setting that occurs at the time and place of patient care (i.e., physician’s office, pharmacy, nursing home, etc.). Facilities/Providers should report POC test results within 24 hours of receiving a COVID-19 result through the VDH COVID-19 POC online portal.


On July 1, Virginia entered Phase 3 of reopening. To avoid the resurgence of disease experienced in many other states and contributing to record numbers of new infections, two actions are critical: 1) Individuals must maintain protective behaviors; and 2) Persons who have fever and/or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must be tested. A positive test triggers Health Department case investigation and contact tracing with isolation and quarantine.

Healthcare providers should also be aware of new recommendations to test all close contacts of confirmed and probable cases and of an updated list of people at risk for severe COVID-19 infection.

Read the July 6 Health Advisory.


New FAQ for health care providers (updated January 18, 2021).


Resources and materials are available to download and share in your office:

  • Posters
  • Handouts


If you still have questions or concerns, please call us. Please note, we are experiencing a high volume of calls.

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