Division of Environmental Health

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our Environmental Health Services office is open during regular business hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Clinic services are not offered at our 10777 Main Street location in Fairfax.

TTY 711

10777 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

Pieter A. Sheehan, REHS,
Director, Division of Environmental Health

Disease Carrying Insects Program

The biologists of the Health Department’s Disease Carrying Insect Program help protect Fairfax County from illnesses spread by ticks, mosquitoes and other pests. Learn more about how you can Fight the Bite and protect your family from Lyme, West Nile and other vector-borne diseases.

MC Bugg-Z Says: Don’t get sick from the bite of a tick!

Tips for preventing tick bites and the diseases they carry, identifying ticks and choosing insect repellent.

  1. Fight tick bites
  2. Learn about Lyme and other diseases spread by ticks
  3. Get your ticks identified by the Health Department

Bite Buster Says: Swat away mosquitoes

Learn how to protect your family from mosquito-borne illness.

  1. Fight mosquito bites
  2. Learn about West Nile Virus and other diseases spread by mosquitoes
  3. Get your yard checked for mosquitoes by the Health Department

Program Activities

Learn about the work we do to help protect county residents from diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks.

Educational Materials

Get Prevention Materials: Want MC Bugg-Z to perform at your school or event? Need some Bite Buster educational materials? We have lots of Fight the Bite education for you — free of charge.