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Janet Bessmer, CSA Program Manager, Peter Steinberg, Healthy Minds Fairfax Program Manager

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Healthy Minds Fairfax coordinates a full range of mental health and substance abuse services for children and youth across multiple county agencies, the school system and private treatment providers. We work to help youth and families in the Fairfax-Falls Church community access mental health and substance abuse services, and improve the quality of those services.

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Graphic linking to brief, confidential online screeningsIt can be hard to know whether you need to reach out to a professional when you are worried about your child’s behavior or if you see that your child is struggling. And if you do reach out, what type of specialist and treatment are right for your child?

Explore the Healthy Minds Fairfax website to find information on whether your child might need behavioral health care, finding the appropriate professional for your child, and the right treatment for his or her condition. Be sure to note the things to look for and questions to ask to make sure that you're getting the quality care that your child deserves.



Survey and Hotline Open from Now until May 13th

Healthy Minds Fairfax is currently developing a county plan to help make it easier for families to get the mental health services and support their children need, and we need your help! We would like your input on what our community needs to better support the mental health of children and youth. 

There are TWO EASY WAYS to provide your input. 

Take this 3 minute survey: 


Text or leave a voicemail to the Community Input Hotline at 703-249-9402 with your response to the question below. 

If there’s one thing you would add or change to your school, neighborhood, or community so that fewer kids struggle with their mental health and use drugs/alcohol to cope, what would it be and why? 

The survey and hotline will be open through Friday, May 13.

 English and Bilingual Survey Options Available

Healthy Minds Fairfax, a county initiative to increase equitable access to quality behavioral health services for children, youth, and their families, is working on putting together a plan for Fairfax County, and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church to make sure that children, youth, and their families can easily get the services and support they need to take care of their mental health.  We want to understand more about your experiences with mental health, what might make your mental health worse, where you turn for help for children, youth and their families, and the things that make it easier or harder to get help.  We plan to gather information through surveys, community informational sessions, and meeting with groups and organizations.

Please take a survey to help guide the development of the blueprint:

If you are a parent, caregiver, or family member:

부모/간병인/법적 보호자:



If you are a youth or young adult:


Jóvenes y adultos jóvenes:


If you work for Fairfax County or FCPS, community leader or a provider of behavioral health:

카운티/교직원 및 공동체 주민:

Personal del condado/escuela y miembros de la comunidad:

Please send any questions or comments to

의견이나 문의 사항은 으로 연락 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o comentario, envíelo a

If you would like to be updated on community input sessions or would like more information regarding the development of the new Blueprint please contact Peter Steinberg at

Fairfax Virtual Assistant