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How can my child’s school help?

FCPS logoFairfax County Public Schools' Crisis Intervention Services provides support, services and consultation to any youth and adults in the FCPS school community who needs mental health support services.

For more information, call or visit your child’s school during regular school hours and ask to see the school counselor, school social worker or the school psychologist.

What role does the Fairfax County Public Schools’ play in my child’s mental health needs?

In addition to educating your child, Fairfax County Public Schools is concerned about your child’s overall well-being.  Through their Office for Student Safety and Wellness, they offer mental health services, bullying prevention programing, anti-drug information including anti vaping programing, and so much more. 

In general, the goals of a school social worker or school psychologist is to help your child with their emotional or behavioral issues especially on how these issues affect their ability to learn. While their goal is the same, they do play a specific role in your child’s life. Learn more about:

Other school services

(Services listed below may not be available in every school.)

  • Short-Term Behavioral Health Services – If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, talk to child’s school counselor, school social worker or the school psychologist. If available in your child’s school, they may discuss the benefits of your child being referred to Short-Term Behavioral Health Services (STBH). STBH is a free counseling service that is operated by Healthy Minds Fairfax. Healthy Minds Fairfax partners with (and pays) private providers to offer free short-term counseling (usually 6-8 sessions) to your child.
  • Cedar Lane Schools, Mountain View and Quander Road Schools – Therapists from the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board's Youth and Family Outpatient services provide support to students attending Cedar Lane, Mountain View and Quander Road Schools. CSB therapists spend one day a week at each school to provide therapeutic services to students who may face difficulty in receiving services at a local CSB office. Students are identified by the school counseling services and assessed by CSB therapists.
  • Student Assistance Program – Through this partnership between Fairfax County Public Schools and the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, , prevention activities are provided for all students, and substance use assessments and treatment are provided for students who are at risk or who are actively using substances. Services are offered available to students any Fairfax County High Schools including alternative schools.  Telemedicine services are available to create a positive hand-off between school staff and the CSB. Call the school and ask for the Student Assistance Program or call the CSB SAP case manager at 703-866-2121.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools Parent Resource Center – The Parent Resource Center offers a number of services like free parent and educator workshops providing the latest information to help children succeed.
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