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How to become a Short-Term Behavioral Health Services provider

Information for private mental health therapists and private nonprofits

Photo of smiling father and teen sonShort-Term Behavioral Health Services is a timely short-term mental health counseling program offered for free to youth who are attending one of 39 schools in Fairfax County with providers in Fairfax County. While the services are free and are offered to youth regardless of the family’s medical insurance, the family must meet certain income criteria. Healthy Minds Fairfax contracts with private mental health providers including group practices and agencies to deliver these short-term counseling services (up to 8 sessions) to youth.

Interested in becoming a Short-Term Behavioral Health Services provider for Healthy Minds Fairfax?

Benefits include:

  • An opportunity to provide counseling services to children, youth and families who cannot easily afford behavioral health services or have easy access to services.
  • An opportunity to participate in our Training Consortium for Evidence-Based Practice.
  • Reimbursement for services at a reasonable public-private negotiated rate.

Contact Peter Steinberg (703-324-5535) with questions, or if you're interested in becoming a Short-Term Behavioral Health Provider for Healthy Minds Fairfax.

Read the Short-Term Behavioral Health Services solicitation page for more information.

Provider testimonial

This testimonial is an excerpt from a blog post by  Laurie Levine, LCSW, a Healthy Minds Fairfax provider.

“I have been a private provider contractor for Healthy Minds Fairfax for about two years. The local high schools and middle school contact me when they have a student who needs mental health services but doesn't have insurance and/or adequate funds to pay for therapy. I then contact the family who is entitled to attend eight sessions with me free of charge to them.

It can be difficult to start believing in yourself as a teen. Many of these children and youth have not known their own worth, being told they are a "useless" or sometimes, even more painfully, simply ignored. In our sessions, I see them, I hear them and, for some, this reality is completely foreign. They often don't know what to do when I emphasize their importance in the world. Instilling confidence and worth can be seem so simple, yet when you have been taught the opposite, it can be very tricky to reverse.

After the eight sessions I work to ensure that the teens are in good mental health. Often, they are, and we terminate without a need for further services. Sometimes Healthy Minds Fairfax can grant a few more sessions to solidify the work that has been done. We also reach into the community to find other services that can help meet these clients' needs.

This piece of my work has been unbelievably rewarding. Some of these children and youth have never had anyone to talk to. My ability to listen and believe in them can make an everlasting impact and for that I am so grateful.”

Laurie Levine, LCSW

Fairfax Virtual Assistant