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Real-Time Passenger Information

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Get Estimated Arrival Times - in Real-Time

Fairfax Connector BusTracker uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to provide real-time information on the arrival times and locations of our buses. By using your smart phone, tablet or a computer, you will be able to access the scheduled and estimated arrival time (ETA) of your bus.

Access Fairfax Connector BusTracker

Desktop version I Mobile-friendly/text only version

  • On the BusTracker homepage, click on " Bus Times, See Estimated Arrivals", then select your bus route, direction of travel, and your bus stop, and the web page will display the estimated arrival times for the next bus.
  • The bus location map feature will let you track buses real-time by selecting a specific route or a stop.
  • You can also sign-up for real-time notifications and receive emails and text messages about your bus at specified times, stops and routes.

NOTE: From time to time, unplanned reroutes, service disruptions and last-minute changes to service may affect the accuracy of the predicted arrival times generated by BusTracker.

How to Use BusTracker

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