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703-339-7200 TTY 703-339-1608
4050 Legato Road, Ste 400, Fairfax, VA 22033
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call the Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200 or plan your trip online anytime with Metro’s online Trip Planner. The customer service representatives at the Telephone Information Center are able to assist with most of your trip planning needs. Fairfax Connector does not currently have an online Trip Planner. Fairfax Connector provides route and schedule information to Metro. Metro’s online Trip Planner provides schedule and route information for all regional transit providers, including the Fairfax Connector.

Fare value can be added to SmarTrip cards at all Metro stations, Connector Stores, and most CVS Pharmacy, Giant Food and Safeway locations in the Washington DC region. View additional SmarTrip information.

The most expeditious way to report your card lost or stolen is to send an email to RCSC@smartrip.net. For the lost/stolen card to be replaced you need to provide the following information:

  • SmarTrip card number (if known)
  • Name of registered cardholder
  • Address card was registered under
  • Current address (if different from address above)
  • Phone number
  • Where the SmarTrip card was last used (provide place, bus/rail/parking, date and time)
  • Approximate balance of SmarTrip card.

Using this information, your lost/stolen card can be made inactive in the system. Once made inactive, it cannot be reactivated. You will receive a replacement card that has the balance of the card that was lost/stolen (at the time you sent your email), minus the $5 card replacement fee, to the current address you have provided. The card will be shipped the next business day and will already be registered to you.

You can also call 888-SMARTRIP (888-762-7874). Please be ready to supply the information above.

First, the damaged/defective card will need to be returned. You can return it to any Metro attendant the next time you are at a Metro station.

Damaged cards cost $5 to replace which will be deducted from your balance. If you need a card immediately or if you have a damaged card with less than a $5 balance, you will need to purchase another card and register it right away. If the card you are turning in is determined to be defective, you will be reimbursed the $5 cost to purchase the new card. Please contact 888-762-7874 once you have your new card and provide the serial number to the SmarTrip RCSC agent. This will begin the process of getting the balance transferred from the old card to the new one.

You may also go to the Metro Center Sales Office and they will be able to exchange your card for you, as long as it is registered in your name. It will take three business days to have the funds transferred from your old card to your new card. Also, you may experience wait times at Metro Center of 30 minutes or more.

If you are a Smart Benefits customer, you must advise your employer or Smart Benefits administrator that you have a new card so that they may start sending transit benefits to that card.

Missing, damaged or stolen bus stop signs can be reported by e-mail to fairfaxconnector@fairfaxcounty.gov to be considered. Once the claim is investigated, and if approved, an order for reinstallation is sent to the county’s contractor for installing and/or repairing signs.

Fairfax Connector launched its online BusTracker program in spring 2017. Riders also can find Connector information on third-party apps, which use Connector information but are not managed by Fairfax Connector. The Fairfax Connector website and Telephone Information Center (703-339-7200) can provide schedule and stop information for Fairfax Connector routes.

Commendations, comments and reports can be submitted to the Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200. Your feedback may also be e-mailed to the Fairfax Connector via the online submission form.

Change of service or service requests can be submitted to the Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200. Your suggestions may also be emailed to Fairfax Connector via the online submission form. All suggestions are reviewed by Fairfax Connector personnel for future service changes. A response to recommendations may or may not be received.

Fleet reports can be submitted to the Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200. Your suggestions may also be emailed to Fairfax Connector via the online submission form. Please include the bus number, route number, and date of the observation in your report.

Fairfax County is not liable for any theft, towing, or vandalism that may occur while your vehicle is parked over night at any of the park and rides. Overnight parking is done at your own risk.

View Park and Ride Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Fairfax County's Transit Development Plan (TDP) is the ten-year vision plan for the expansion and enhancement of Fairfax Connector and Metrobus service operated in, and paid for by, Fairfax County. View the TDP.

The Fairfax Connector Bus Service is operated under contract by Transdev. All Fairfax Connector drivers, dispatchers, managers, mechanics, etc. are Transdev employees. If you wish to apply for employment with Transdev, you may do so at https://www.transdev.com/en/-- click on "Join Us" and select "Job Offers". There are currently three locations for Fairfax Connector operations. Inquiries and resumes should be directed to:

  • Reston/Herndon Division:
    268 Spring Street Herndon, VA 20170
  • Huntington Division:
    8101 Cinder Bed Road Lorton, VA 22079
  • West Ox Division:
    4970 Alliance Drive Fairfax, VA 22030

If you are seeking employment with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, or any other county agency, you can view job listings and apply online with the Fairfax County Department of Human Resources.

No, smoking in bus shelters is strictly prohibited by County Ordinance §44-1-2.1.

Potential advertisers may contact Gateway Outdoor Advertising.

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