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CONTACT INFORMATION: Call center open 5AM-10PM M-F, 7AM-9PM Sat-Sun
703-339-7200 TTY 703-339-1608
4050 Legato Road, Ste 400, Fairfax, VA 22033
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Lost and Found

Lost and found claims can be submitted by:
  • Calling the Fairfax Connector Telephone Information Center at 703-339-7200, TTY 703-339-1608
  • Using the easy submission form
Lost and found claims must include:
  • Date the item was lost
  • Approximate time
  • Bus route number
  • Direction of travel
  • Location where the passenger was sitting inside the bus
  • Which door the passenger used to exit the bus
NOTE - Due to the high volume of lost and found claims received and limited staff resources, you will receive a call or e-mail concerning your lost property ONLY IF IT IS FOUND.

If a passenger is contacted by a staff member, s/he will receive information about where s/he may pick up the recovered property, advised of the necessary identification to have to claim the item, and a suitable time for pick up will be arranged.

To claim recovered property, the passenger must have a valid passport, military ID, or state issued ID. Signature of receipt will be required during pick up. Recovered property may be picked up at one of the following locations Monday through Friday:

North Fairfax County
Fairfax Connector - Reston-Herndon Garage
268 Spring Street
Herndon, VA 20170

West Fairfax County
Fairfax Connector - West Ox Bus Garage
4970 Alliance Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

South Fairfax County
Fairfax Connector – Huntington Garage
8101 Cinder Bed Road
Lorton, VA 22079

Lost items will be held for 30 days. Once 30 days has passed any unclaimed items will be destroyed, disposed of, donated to charity, or auctioned off. Items that have been recovered and the owner contacted will be held for 30 days after date of contact. If after 30 days the property has not been picked up, the item(s) will be disposed of in the manner listed above.

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