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BusTracker - Locating Bus Stop IDs

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OPTION 1: Find your stop ID on BusTracker

Whenever you look up BusTracker results, instructions on what to text appear along with those results (with the stop ID shown in context).

Go to the BusTracker and get estimated arrival times route/bus stop and you’ll see instructions for what to text. Like this (click image for larger view):

Bustracker By Route Image

Note: If you have a mobile device with Web access and want to look up a stop ID, this works in the mobile version of BusTracker, too. Simply look up a result, and instructions (including the specific stop ID) will appear with the estimated arrival times:

Bustracker By Route Mobile Image

OPTION 2: Find your stop ID from the location map

There are two ways to get this information from the BusTracker location map:

  1. Click “Find Stop” to look up a specific bus stop; or
  2. After selecting a Route to view, you can zoom in on your stop and click the bus stop you're interested in (bus stops are shown as red dots when you zoom in).

Your results will look like this (click image for a larger view):

Find your bustracker ID by using the location map

OPTION 3: Find your stop ID at the bus stop

The ID number for each bus stop now appear on all posted Fairfax Connector bus stops. Simply look at the bottom of the bus stop sign:

Bustracker Flag


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