Fairfax County Property Information

House Location Plats

House location plats show the location of structures on an individual property. Use this online form to order a plat of your property. These are maintained by the Zoning Permit Review Branch of the Zoning Administration Division, part of the Department of Planning and Development, located in Suite 250 of the Herrity Building (12055 Government Center Pkwy). For more information, call 703-222-1082 or email DPZMailforZPRB@fairfaxcounty.gov.

For more information on this and other zoning-related property issues, please visit the Zoning Administration Division's "What Can I Do With My Property?" FAQ page.

Site-Related Plans and Plats

Site-related plans include commercial, mixed-use, single family detached, single family attached, multi-family and public improvement project plans and plats. These are available in PDF format in the Site Records Viewer. Land Development Service's Public Records page has more information and phone and email contacts. You can find recorded land records in Fairfax County’s Courts Public Access Network. Circuit Court's Land Records page has more information on land records.


Land Development Services hosts the Site Records Viewer, which contains approved site records, including ~80 types of records (including some easements and plats). Many of these records may also be viewed in hard copy format at the Land Development Services agency. Please contact Records and Information in Suite 555 of the Herrity Building. For more information, call 703-324-1895, or visit their website.

While Land Development Services has some property easements, the official property records must be viewed to ensure that all legally recorded easement information is shown. These official records may be found in the Fairfax County Circuit Court’s Court Public Access Network (CPAN) system. They may also be found in the deed books available at the Land Records Division of the County Circuit Court. They are located in Suite 317 of the Fairfax County Courthouse (4110 Chain Bridge Rd). For more information, call 703-691-7320, or visit their website.

Recorded Deeds

Deeds recorded in Fairfax County are available through the Land Records Division of the County Circuit Court.

They are located in Suite 317 of the Fairfax County Courthouse (4110 Chain Bridge Rd). For more information, call 703-691-7320, or visit their website.

Floodplain Maps and Studies

This information is available by contacting the Stormwater Planning Division of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. They are in Suite 449 of the Government Center (12000 Government Center Pkwy). For more information, call 703-324-5500, or visit their website.

Parcel Information

Many parcel questions can be answered by utilizing the My Neighborhood or Real Estate Assessment Information Site online applications.

The Fairfax County Validator is a search engine for verifying addresses, parcel ID numbers (PINs), and street names that fall within Fairfax County

Please refer to our PIN formatting guide for information on how the parcel identification numbers are created. 

Responsibility for parcel data is shared between the GIS & Mapping Services Office & the Department of Tax Administration. For map-specific questions (regarding the existence or shape of parcels) not resolved by referring to our online applications, please contact the GIS Division.

Questions regarding information associated with the parcels (ex: ID number, owner, sale dates, assessed values) should be addressed to the Department of Tax Administration at 703-222-8234. They are located in Suite 223 of the Government Center (12000 Government Center Pkwy).

Correcting Property Errors

If there is an error in the reported acreage/square footage of a property, and it is found in a previously recorded document (a plat or description in the deed book), then it will require recording a deed of correction at the courthouse. This will be either a description or signed plat from a surveyor. For further information please contact the Land Records Division of the County Circuit Court. They are located in Suite 317 of the Fairfax County Courthouse (4110 Chain Bridge Rd). For more information, call 703-691-7320, or visit their website.

If the error is on the Department of Tax Administration’s Real Estate Assessment Information Site, and the recorded plat or description is correct, then use this contact form to report the error.

It is likely you will notice that there is a misalignment of parcel boundaries and other layers in our GIS, such as aerial imagery. The source control method of the property boundaries seen in our GIS are explained in our Geospatial Property Data Guide. Parcel boundaries have been collected using different source control methods with varying levels of accuracy. The age of some data is simply beyond our ability to ensure accurate GIS positioning that compares to survey quality data. This may be because a landmark referenced in the legal description, such as a prominent tree in an agricultural field, might no longer exist or the parcel is a digitization of an old mylar sheet. As a consequence of this variation of source control methods, we must therefore operate under the assumption that all GIS parcel data carries inaccuracies that make the data usable only for reference purposes which is the basis for our GIS Disclaimer. Additionally, while we make every effort to ensure our data is aligned as much as possible, it is an impossibility to ensure that the hundreds of layers within out databases will be in alignment at all times.

Address Changes

Address change requests are now being processed in the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS). Please submit all address change requests via PLUS - Accela Citizen Access. For assistance filling out the application, please visit the Land Development Services (LDS) Addressing and Street Names website or follow the instructions below:

Submission Process:
1.    Create account
2.    Upon login click on “Site”  
3.    Click on “Create an Application”
4.    Select “Addressing” tab
5.    Select “Address Change”
6.    Fill in required information under Location and People tab
7.    Fill in required information under Application and Detail tab
8.    Review and Submit application
9.    Receive automated confirmation email from Fairfax County 

The Facilitation and Addressing Center (FAC) will review the Address Change Request. Please allow up to five business days for review. Applicants will receive an Address Change Acceptance Letter from FAC once the address change has been approved.
For questions regarding the submission process, please visit the PLUS Support Center.

Splitting Tax Map Numbers

The Department of Tax Administration (DTA) allows for an administrative process to consolidate tax map numbers to receive one tax bill. If a property owner wishes to separate those tax map numbers into two or more tax map numbers for the purpose of receiving separate tax bills, they will need to submit an Owner Request to Split Tax Map Numbers form and a copy of the plat (Use this online form to order a plat of your property) to the Site Application Center (SAC). Owners have the option of submitting this form by mail to the address above or electronically to LDSSAC@fairfaxcounty.gov. If any additional items are needed during the review, a staff member will contact the person submitting the form to coordinate the requirements. Once approval has been obtained by the Department of Planning and Development’s Zoning Permits Branch (ZPB), new tax map number(s) will be created, and DTA will be notified. Due to the interagency dependencies involved, the split process may take several weeks to complete.

For more information, contact the Site Application Center of the Fairfax County Land Development Services.

Email: LDSSAC@fairfaxcounty.gov

Phone: 703-222-0801

Website: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/landdevelopment

Address: 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 230, Fairfax, VA 22035


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