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Addressing and Street Names

MapThe Bonds and Addressing Center (BAC) is responsible for addressing properties throughout the county. Fairfax County addresses are assigned to ensure that first responders are provided with a reliable way to respond to all commercial and residential emergencies utilizing the 911 system. Addresses are also assigned to provide residents and businesses within Fairfax County a well- organized means to ensure appropriate delivery of goods, mail and other services.  

Frequently Asked Questions

All addresses in Fairfax County are assigned by Bonds and Addressing Center staff in compliance with all county codes and regulations.

Visit the Fairfax County Address Validator to confirm the validity of an address.

Address Change Requests are now being processed in the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS). Addresses cannot be added to the Master Address Repository (MAR) by GIS until a PLUS application is filled out.

Please submit your Address Change Request in PLUS. Please note, if you currently have a submitted plan in review with the county, the approved address for the plan will be added to MAR once the plan has been approved by the Site Development and Inspections Division (SDID).

Submission Process:

  1. Create account
  2. Upon login click on “Site” 
  3. Click on “Create an Application”
  4. Select “Addressing” tab
  5. Select “Address Change”
  6. Fill in required information under Location and People tab
  7. Fill in required information under Application and Detail tab
  8. Review and Submit application
  9. Receive automated confirmation email from Fairfax County
  10. Facilitation and Addressing Center (FAC) will review the Address Change Request (please allow up to 5 business days for review)
  11. Applicant will receive an Address Change Acceptance Letter from FAC once the Address Change has been approved.

If you have questions regarding the submission process, please visit the PLUS Support Center or call 703-222-0801, TTY 711.

The following items must be submitted via the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS) as a “STREET” Record to initiate a street name change request:

For submission details, visit the STREET name change guide.

Below are the typical items that need to be updated when an address or street name is changed are (this list is not intended to be all inclusive):

  • Driver’s license, information with utility companies, postal service and any additional entities that provide material goods and services.
  • Business owners will have to update all local and state business licenses, procurements with retail and/or wholesale companies, advertisement listings, mapping and other goods and/or services associated with business operations.
  • All property owners may also wish to consider and would be responsible for updating all legal documents that contain the address. This would include but would not be limited to land records, financial documents for mortgages, leases, loans, trusts and wills, as appropriate.

  • There are no statutes or ordinances regulating changing a subdivision’s name on an entrance sign. If a subdivision would like to change the name on its entrance sign, the subdivision should check with FAC staff to ensure that the proposed new subdivision name is not already in use. If the name is available, the subdivision must obtain any applicable permits to change the sign.
  • If the community would like to legally document the subdivision name change in the land records and erase the current name from its chain of title and history, the property owners’ association or authorized entity representing the subdivision must submit a deed of correction, with any properly authorized signature, to Land Development Services to change the name on the original subdivision plat. A new subdivision plat of correction would not be required to simply change the subdivision name.
  • In instances when there is no homeowners’ association, or entrance signs are on private owner’s property, the community would need to explore private legal counsel on how to properly gain community support for the subdivision name change on the entrance sign and the private lot owner’s separate agreement to change the sign on that owner’s private property.

Need More Information?

For questions or additional information, please contact the Bonds and Addressing Center staff via email at or by phone 703-222-0801, TTY 711.

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