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CPAN is a subscriber-based internet service that allows users to access the constantly growing database of official Circuit Court records, from 1742 to the present.  CPAN subscribers typically include land professionals, such as title examiners, law offices, mortgage companies, banks, the Commissioner of Accounts and county agencies.

CPAN Subscription Information

Information available on CPAN includes: 

  • Land Record Documents
  • Judgment Documents
  • Administration of Estate (Fiduciary/Probate) Documents
  • Marriage License Documents
  • Notary Documents
  • Charter Documents
  • Financing Statement Documents
  • Trade Name Documents
  • Circuit Court Criminal & Civil Case Information
  • Zoning & Land Development Information
  • Real Estate Assessment Information

 Before Applying for Access

Please note:

  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers currently supported for accessing CPAN.
  • Only original documents printed on letter-size paper will be accepted.
  • Please do not use correction fluid or tape; if any corrections are made, they must be initialed by both the individual who signed the application and the notary.
  • Ensure that your business name is consistent throughout all forms.

Mail or Bring Forms to:

Fairfax Circuit Court
Attn: IT Department (CPAN) – Suite 322
4110 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Getting Started

For a new account (not adding users), whether as an individual or as a business, please submit all three of the following:
  1. CPAN Entity Agreement
    • If applying as an individual: Use your own name as the name of the business, and list yourself as the only authorized user on page 7.
    • Only authorized users listed on page 7 or added via letterhead may access CPAN. Sharing of accounts is prohibited.
  2. CPAN User Agreement (For each user)
  3. Check or money order for $150 per user.
    • Payable to: "Fairfax Circuit Court"
    • Once activated, invoices will be mailed out on a quarterly basis at a rate of $150 per user.

Making Changes to an Existing Account

For adding or removing users to/from an existing CPAN account, please submit all of the following:
  1. Letterhead Memo requesting the addition and/or removal of users by name.
  2. CPAN User Agreement  (For each additional user)
  3. Check or money order for $150 per each net additional user (If adding one user and removing one user within the same memo, this would be a net change of zero and would not require any money.)
    • Payable to: "Fairfax Circuit Court"
To cancel an existing account and all users:
  • Letterhead Memo or E-mail requesting the cancellation


For assistance, please contact our HelpDesk by email at or phone at (703) 246-2366 (TTY 711).

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