What is PLUS?

PLUS is the central platform to create and submit applications online, pay fees, track application status and receive electronic notifications. Customers can complete their zoning, building, permitting or other land development, submit complaints and environmental health processes online through the PLUS portal.

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PLUS can be used to track current applications, make changes to these applications or to start a new application.

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Agency-specific Records & Web Pages

Land Development Services

Residential Building/Trades

  • Household Appliances/Inspections
  • Residential Addition/Alteration
  • Residential Demolition
  • Residential Electrical
  • Residential Mechanical
  • Residential Miscellaneous
  • Residential New
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Residential Retaining Wall
  • Residential Solar

Commercial Building/Trades

  • Commercial Addition/Alteration
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Commercial Electrical
  • Commercial Mechanical
  • Commercial Miscellaneous
  • Commercial New
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Commercial Retaining Wall
  • Commercial Solar


  • Amusement Device
  • Damage Report
  • Masterfile
  • Separation
  • Code Appeals, Code Modifications and Home Improvement Contractor Licenses
  • Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) License Renewal


  • Elevator Installation
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Elevator Equipment



  • Bond
  • Water Quality Impact Assessment
  • Utility Company Operations
  • Subdivision Plan
  • Sports Illumination Plan
  • Soils Report
  • Site Plan
  • Rough Grading Plan
  • Resource Protection Area Plan
  • Record Plat
  • Public Improvement Plan
  • Preliminary Plan
  • Parking Study
  • Minor Site Plan
  • Lot Validation
  • Landfill Plan
  • Landfill Facility Operation Renewal
  • Infill Lot
  • Floodplain Use Determination
  • Floodplain Study
  • FDOT Stormwater Review
  • Easement Plat
  • DPWES Stormwater Plan
  • Conservation Plan
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Agreement Only
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Stormwater Ordinance Determination (SWOD)
  • Address Change
  • Street Name Change

Department of Planning and Development

Planning Division

  • Administrative Review Eligible Project (AREP)
  • Agricultural & Forestal District
  • Architectural Review Board
  • Architectural Review Board Workshop
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Intergovernmental Review Requests
  • Public Facility (2232 Review)
  • Public School Expansion or Modification
  • Telecommunications (2232 Review)
  • Wetlands Permit (Tidal Shoreline)

Zoning Administration Division

  • Accessory Living Unit
  • Construction Site Office and Storage
  • Farmers Market
  • Home-Based Business
  • Model Home Sales and Leasing Office
  • Noise Waiver
  • Seasonal Sales Commercial
  • Special Event
  • Vested Rights Determinations
  • Zoning Compliance Letter
  • Zoning Ordinance Interpretations

Zoning Evaluation Division

  • Additional Time to Commence Development
  • Interpretations of Approved Zoning Applications
  • Minor Variations of Approved Zoning Applications
  • Pre-Application Consultation
  • Rezoning (zoning map amendment)
  • Special Exception
  • Special Permit
  • Variance



Planning Division

  • Comprehensive Plan Nomination
  • Comprehensive Plan Research

Zoning Administration Division

  • Agritourism
  • Administrative Comprehensive Sign Plan
  • Community Gardens
  • Family Health Care Structure
  • Food Truck Location Permit 
  • Food Truck Operation Permit 
  • Limited Riding and Boarding Stable
  • Portable Storage Containers
  • Short Term Lodging Permit
  • Sign Permit
  • Special Permit Extended Hours Request
  • Temporary Dwelling or Manufactured Home 
  • Virginia Department of Social Services Form for Home Day Care
  • Zoning Appeal

Health Department

  • Tattoo Permits
  • Summer Food Service process
  • CORE
  • Massage Establishment Inspections
  • Temporary Food Events
  • Temporary Food Establishment Permits
  • STAMP and Marina
  • Food Establishment Permit
  • Mobile Food Permit applications, inspections, renewals, and payments

Office of Fire Marshal

  • Fire Prevention Code Permits (Short-term/Single-Use) – Blasting, Bonfire, Controlled Burn, Events (includes: Outdoor Assembly, Indoor Assembly, Tent, LP-Gas, Open Flame/Candle, Hot Work, Special Amusement Building, Explosive: Black Powder)
  • Fireworks – Display
  • Fireworks – Retail
  • Floor Finishing
  • Fumigation
  • Hot Work
  • Storage Tank Abandonment/Removal/Out of Service
  • Fire Prevention Code Permits (Long-term use, Renewed Annually)
    • Two Types that can be applied for on the Citizen Portal
      • Hot Work: All Locations
      • Explosives: Firm or Company
    • >100 types that will be determined & initiated by a fire inspector when performing an Occupancy inspection (Examples: Assembly, Commercial Kitchen, etc.)
  • Regulated Care Facility (County Regulated Home Child Care & State Regulated Care Facility)
  • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (Existing Fire Suppression and Alarm Systems)
  • Fire Code Modification


Office of the Fire Marshal

Installation Records:

  • Alternative Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Door Locks
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Lane
  • Site/Building Fire Review for Towns and Site Exceptions
  • Smoke Control
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Storage - High-piled/other
  • Storage Tank - Install
  • Underground line 


Department of Code Compliance

  • Submit a Complaint
  • Get Status of a Complaint
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