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Stormwater Forms

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Detention Pond Planting Application & Authorization Request Form  
Stormwater Facility Maintenance Request Form  

Roads / Streets / Sidewalks Forms

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Street Name Sign Maintenance Form  
Storm Drain Flooding Report Form  
Storm Drainage Problem Report Form  
Walkway Problem Form  

Tree Conservation Forms

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Celebrated Trees: Big Tree | Historic Tree | Commemorative Tree | Favorite Tree  
Tree Preservation Ordinance Request  
Request for Waiver/Modification of Tree Canopy and Transitional Screening/Barrier Requirements    

VPDES General Permit Coverage Forms

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Registration Statement    
Notice of Termination    
Transfer Agreement    
State Permit Fee Form    


Stormwater Management

BMP Inspection Checklists and Certifications

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Constructed Wetland    
Dry Swales    
Extended Detention Pond    
Filtering Manufactured Devices    
Filtering Practices    
Grass Channel    
Hydrodynamic Manufactured Devices    
Infiltration Practices    
Permeable Pavement    
Rainwater Harvesting    
Rooftop Disconnection    
Sheet Flow    
Soil Compost    
Vegetated Roof    
Wet Pond    
Wet Swale


Public Works and Utilities

Utilities Forms 

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Streetlight Cost Estimate Request  

Wastewater Forms 

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Business Film Developing Form  
Discharge Groundwater From Remediation Site    
Discharge Groundwater From Underground Storage Tank Remediation Site Form  
Discharge Landfill Gas Condensate From Nonhazardous Landfill  
Discharge Leachate From Nonhazardous Landfill  
Discharge Survey Form  
Ejector/Grinder Pump Request Form  
Wastewater Discharge Application  
Sewerage Service Application  
Sewerage Service Application Fax Transmittal Form  
Zero Discharge Certification    


Recycling and Trash

See the list of Collection and Disposal Business Categories to determine which forms are relevant to your company.

(NOTE: All disposal forms require a W-9 "REQUEST for TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER and CERTIFICATION" be on file with the Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program.  This form can be obtained from the IRS online or from their FAXBACK service at 703-368-9694, TTY 711. The form number is 10231 and the instruction sheet is form 20479.)


Collection & Recycling Forms 

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Alternative Yard Waste Recycling System    
Broker Registration Form  
Broker Renewal Registration Form  
Broker Client Information  
Food Waste Composting Pilot Program    
MSW Plan - Non-Residential    
MSW Plan - Residential  
Recycling Rate Reporting Form  
Reduced Collection Frequency Notification Form  
Waste Stream Calculation for Multifamily Properties  
Waste Stream Calculation for Nonresidential Uses  


Disposal Forms 

Form Name Fillable Legal Size
Application for Certificate to Operate, Collect, Transport and Dispose of MSW - Solid Waste Collector  
Application for Disposal Permit - Nonsolid Waste Collector    
Application for Tire Disposal Permit  
Application for Commercial Cash Permit  

Waste Delivery Disposal Agreement 


Land development and planning forms

All forms related to building, construction, permitting, bond release, review, etc. can be found listed under Land Development Services.