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Kambiz Agazi,

Resilient Fairfax Public Comment Period Opens, Public Meeting Announced

Starting on May 16, Fairfax County residents have the opportunity to comment on the draft Resilient Fairfax Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, the county’s first-ever plan to address risks from climate change. The plan, which has been in development since February 2021, includes information on expected climate conditions in the county in the decades to come, an audit of existing county policies, plans, and programs, a comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment, strategies to address known or expected risks, and an implementation roadmap.

The public comment period for the Resilient Fairfax plan will remain open through June 15, 2022. Residents are encouraged to view the draft plan online and to leave their comments using a tool called Konveio, which allows users to add notes directly to a PDF of the plan, tagging specific text or other elements with their comments.

In addition to the open call for comments, the Resilient Fairfax team will host a fourth and final virtual public meeting on May 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM to review the contents of the plan and take questions from county residents in real time. Residents are welcome to register in advance for this meeting and to submit comments during the meeting via phone, email, or using a messaging function within the meeting portal.

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