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The Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination (OEEC) leads the county's cross-organizational development and implementation of effective environmental and energy policies, goals, programs and projects. OEEC engages county departments, authorities, businesses and residents to advance environmental and energy priorities and address community needs.

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From this page you can find information on the development the county's first-ever greenhouse gas reduction plan and the first comprehensive climate adaptation and resilience plan, locate resources and information to help improve the sustainability of your home or your business, and explore the latest news from Fairfax County on topics like clean energy and environmental conservation.


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Latest News and Information

Resilient Fairfax May 2022 Monthly Update Graphic

May 27, 2022 | 09:38AM
The Resilient Fairfax planning process moved into a new phase in May, with the draft of the full plan released to the public for comment on May 16. All Fairfax County residents have an opportunity to review the draft plan and provide comment until June 15. In addition to making the full plan available, the three technical reports summarized in the plan are also online for review and reference. Those reports are the Climate Projections Report, the Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment, and the Audit of Existing County Policies, Plans, and Programs. On May 24, the Resilient Fairfax team held a virtual public meeting to discuss the full plan and its component parts. During the meeting, the team reviewed how members of the public can participate in this final stage of the planning process by commenting on the plan directly using a tool called Konveio. The public meeting offered attendees an opportunity to ask questions about the plan and its findings, and to hear about next steps as the plan is finalized and moves toward implementation. In conjunction with the release of the draft plan for comment, the Resilient Fairfax team also released a new climate viewer map, which allows county residents to visualize information about flooding, extreme heat, and other expected climate impacts on a hyper-local scale. The map includes layers for various hazards as well as assets within the county that could be impacted by climate risks over time.= The Resilient Fairfax team presented to the Board of Supervisors Environmental Committee on May 17, providing the Board with an update on the planning process and next steps. The team also presented to the Mount Vernon District Neighborhood College on May 19, and the Mount Vernon District Environmental Committee on May 23. The team continues to collaborate with county departments and agencies, as well as external stakeholders to assist with related planning efforts. WHAT’S NEXT Following the conclusion of the public comment period on June 15, the team will compile and review all comments received. Final meetings will be held with the Planning Team, Community Advisory Group, and Infrastructure Advisory Group to discuss input from the public and potential revisions to the plan. In July, the team will provide an update to the Board of Supervisors Environmental Committee on the comments received, and then will proceed with edits to and finalization of the plan. The final plan is expected to be presented to the full Board of Supervisors for acceptance in October 2022.

Thermalize 2022 Pilot Graphic 1 Stove

May 25, 2022 | 10:30AM
The Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination is pleased to announce that Fairfax County is actively participating in a new program known as Thermalize, which exists to help residents electrify and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Modeled on the popular Solarize program, Thermalize is run by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and receives promotional support from regional jurisdictions, like Fairfax County. Through June 30, 2022, county residents can sign up to receive a discounted home energy assessment and access to vetted contractors to upgrade or replace an existing HVAC system or gas appliances. The prequalified contractors will offer fair and competitive pricing to program participants, and the experts at LEAP will provide participants with dedicated guidance and support throughout the process of assessing their home’s electrification and efficiency needs. The benefits of electrification are well-documented. Apart from helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, switching from gas to electric systems and appliances can improve the indoor air quality of a home. By way of example, gas stoves are known to leak methane into the air even when they are turned off. Switching to electric appliances can have health benefits for all home occupants and visitors. Additionally, on the safety side, eliminating fossil fuel-powered appliances and systems from the home eliminates concerns about combustion or fire risk. Comfort is also a consideration. Working with Thermalize staff and contractors, you can right-size the HVAC system for your home, to ensure even heating and cooling throughout the year. Pairing this with efficiency improvements, which are also offered through the Thermalize program, you can improve the overall comfort of your home. On the cost side, electrification may not guarantee immediate savings, but it is true that the cost of oil and gas is increasing at a faster rate than the cost of electricity. Over time, having electric appliances and systems can save residents money on their monthly utility bills. And, as the electric grid goes greener and becomes more reliant on renewable energy sources, residents will automatically be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with their home energy choices. In addition to assistance with electrification, the Thermalize program provides participants with recommendations on home energy efficiency projects including insulation and air sealing. Altogether, these electrification and efficiency measures can help Fairfax County residents make their homes healthier, safer, more comfortable, cost-effective, and greener. For more information or to sign up for Thermalize, visit  

Resilient Fairfax public comment period storm graphic

May 16, 2022 | 01:34PM
Starting on May 16, Fairfax County residents have the opportunity to comment on the draft Resilient Fairfax Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, the county’s first-ever plan to address risks from climate change. The plan, which has been in development since February 2021, includes information on expected climate conditions in the county in the decades to come, an audit of existing county policies, plans, and programs, a comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment, strategies to address known or expected risks, and an implementation roadmap. The public comment period for the Resilient Fairfax plan will remain open through June 15, 2022. Residents are encouraged to view the draft plan online and to leave their comments using a tool called Konveio, which allows users to add notes directly to a PDF of the plan, tagging specific text or other elements with their comments. In addition to the open call for comments, the Resilient Fairfax team will host a fourth and final virtual public meeting on May 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM to review the contents of the plan and take questions from county residents in real time. Residents are welcome to register in advance for this meeting and to submit comments during the meeting via phone, email, or using a messaging function within the meeting portal. Click Here To Comment On The Plan Or Register For The Public Meeting

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