Buildings and Energy

On this page, you'll find information and resources for exploring how cleaner and greener energy can be used to power our homes and businesses. This includes lowering your costs and your carbon footprint by being more energy efficient, adopting green building standards, and investing in renewable sources of energy such as solar.

Buildings and Climate Action

More than 50% of Fairfax County’s greenhouse gas emissions are associated with energy and natural gas use in buildings, often referred to as “stationary emissions.” Learn more about buildings and emission on our Climate Action Dashboard.

Energy Supply and Climate Action

Increasing the amount of renewable energy provided by utilities or generated by customers themselves can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions related to energy supply. Learn more about energy supply and emissions on our Climate Action Dashboard.

County Government Energy Data

Fairfax County maintains more than 500 buildings and 11 million square feet of building space. The Fairfax County Energy Dashboard provides energy use, cost, and emissions data for its buildings and facilities.

Green Buildings

Fairfax County sets minimum green building standards for new construction and major renovations to county-owned and operated buildings. By constructing buildings designed to use less energy, Fairfax County can save taxpayer dollars and reduce our carbon footprint. Green buildings do more than just reduce energy use - they also address water use, waste, siting, indoor air quality, and material sourcing.

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

If you are part of a common-interest community or charitable or nonprofit group, such as a homeowners association, condominium owners association, place of worship providing community services, or other nonprofit or recreational organization in Fairfax County looking to make energy efficiency upgrades, the Energy Conservation Assistance Program for Energy may be for you! 

Home Energy and Solar Resources

Check out our resources below to become a home energy pro! Need one in a different language or want to watch videos related to these topics? Visit our Resources for Residents webpage.

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