County Government Energy Data

To support its Operational Energy Strategy, the county is committed to reducing its energy use in order to save money, lower its greenhouse gas emissions and promote a more sustainable future. On this page you’ll find a county energy dashboard that provides energy use, cost, and emissions data for buildings and facilities. Please note that the data on the dashboard below is live and updated regularly. Data for the years 2006-2022 can be found on the Energy Data Download page.

Fairfax County Government maintains more than 500 buildings and 11 million square feet of building space. The county uses electricity and natural gas throughout its operations. Much of that energy use allows the county to heat and cool its facilities and power lights and equipment within them. Some of the county’s energy use helps ensure adequate nighttime lighting on streets and ball fields. Other energy uses are less visible but just as essential, such as wastewater pumping and treatment. 

NOTE: This dashboard requires Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

Operational Energy Strategy (OES)

The Operational Energy Strategy promotes cost-effective solutions and an energy-conscious culture for county government operations, buildings and fleet vehicles. The plan sets goals, targets and actions across major focus areas - including building energy and water use, fleet electrification, and waste management.

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