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Fairfax County's commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated by policies, programs and projects that lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations. These efforts include reducing electricity and natural gas used in county buildings and operations, and gasoline and diesel used in county fleet vehicles and buses. Decreasing overall energy use not only provides wide-ranging environmental benefits, it also provides fiscal benefits to the county and its residents through utility cost avoidance.


The Fairfax County Energy Dashboard provides a deep dive into the energy use and performance of individual buildings and facilities. The dashboard shows energy use, cost, and emissions data for the county's Facilities Management Department (FMD) and Park Authority (FCPA).

This data is live – it pulls directly from the county’s energy data management software. You can view the data for all facilities or filter by facility name using the search box. Alternatively, data summaries dating back to 2006 are available for FMD, FCPA, the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, and Housing and Human Services in the dropdown sections below. The county energy dashboard provides a deep dive into the energy use and performance of individual buildings and facilities. Please access the page using Edge or Chrome - Internet Explorer is not compatible.


Fairfax County uses electricity and natural gas throughout its operations. Much of that energy use allows the county to heat and cool its facilities and power the lights and equipment in them. Some of the county’s energy use helps ensure adequate night-time lighting on streets and ball fields. Other energy uses are less visible but just as essential, such as wastewater pumping and treatment.

Energy Use Equivalent Carbon Emissions


Overall energy use equivalent CO2 for county energy 2021

The graph above shows the equivalent carbon emissions from electricity and natural gas used at county facilities in 2006 and 2021. Annual energy consumption from 2006 through 2021 is provided in more detail via the dropdowns below, with electricity in blues and greens and natural gas in reds and yellows.

Overall Fairfax County Electricity Use

Overall Fairfax County electricity use 2021

Overall Fairfax County Natural Gas Use

Overall Fairfax County Natural Gas Use 2021

Overall Electricity Use By Service Area

Overall Fairfax County electricity use by service area


Purchased Natural Gas Use By Service Area

Purchased natural gas use by service area for Fairfax County

The natural gas use graph above shows both purchased gas and landfill gas produced by the county’s two closed sanitary landfills. Each bar in this graph is cumulative, showing the total units of heat (therms) from both gas sources used by the county in that year. The county uses landfill gas as an alternative to natural gas purchased from external vendors whenever possible. Note that the rest of the natural gas use graphs included in these energy data pages do not show landfill gas usage.

*Approximately 10% of the landfill gas data was estimated from 2008-2009 based on usage from other years.*


Government Buildings

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Housing & Human Services Facilities

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