Resources for Organizations

Reaching our climate goals as a county will require community groups and organizations to take action to help us reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency to the impacts of a changing climate. On this page you’ll find information and resources to help organizations in the nonprofit sector, community associations, and places of worship reduce their emissions, lower energy costs, and create healthier and more resilient communities.

Climate Champions

Through the Climate Champions non-profit sector pilot program, OEEC is working with the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) to identify places of worship interested in taking climate action and working with them to conduct energy audits and making retrofits to improve their energy efficiency, reducing energy use.

Building a Green Team

Assembling a group of interested and responsible staff can be a great first step toward establishing a culture of sustainably in your organization. These groups are often called green teams, but any name will do. At Fairfax County, our employee group is called Fairfax Employees for Environmental Excellence, or FEEE. Based on our experience, we are pleased to share some tips for how to start a green team and outreach ideas that we’ve found successful.

Become a Green Business Partner Ally

Fairfax County is recognizing businesses that are actively engaging in or interested in sustainable business practices that advance climate action and will help create a carbon neutral economy. Does your organization work directly with local businesses who want to become more sustainable? Consider becoming a Green Business Partners Ally to help us further the vision and mission of the GBP!

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