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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Little Pimmit Run at Chesterbrook Road Stream Restoration (SD-000031-246)

Project Update: September 10, 2021

The project is funded for design.

Little Pimmit Run Tributary at Chesterbrook Road
Present condition of Little Pimmit Run Tributary at Chesterbrook Road


Project Background

The Middle Potomac Watershed Management Plan identified a potential stream restoration project (PM9203) in the Dranesville Magisterial District. In December 2019, staff from the Stormwater Planning Division, Urban Forest Management Division, Wastewater Collection Division, Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA), and consultants visited Little Pimmit Run from Franklin Park Road down to Kirby Road to assess restoration opportunities. County staff and consultants identified several areas along the stream channel with eroded, vertical banks, trees undermined by erosion, and multiple exposed sanitary sewer crossings. Evidence of a previous outfall pipe to an existing stormwater detention basin located along the stream bank has become disconnected due to erosion. The project includes an assessment and improvements of approximately 7,500 linear feet of degraded stream channel and connecting tributaries. The project is being done in collaboration with employees of Fairfax County’s Wastewater Collections Division who are working on a project to improve and protect existing sanitary sewer infrastructure along the stream corridor. Visit Pimmit Run Sanitary Sewer Realignment (WW-000028-016).

Project Phase

The concept (35% design) plan was received in August 2021. Prior to moving the project to final design, all land rights must be acquired from private properties impacted by the project.

Project Description

The project assesses approximately 7,100 feet of Little Pimmit Run from Franklin Park Road to just upstream of Kirby Road in addition to an estimated 1,250 linear feet of intermittent tributaries that flow into the main channel. Restoration efforts of these tributaries will be limited to a necessary effort to tie them into the main channel of Little Pimmit Run. The initial scoping identified areas of excessive stream bank and stream bed erosion throughout the project limits contributing to undercut banks, compromised trees, exposed utilities and infrastructure and headcuts. A stormwater pond outfall pipe has collapsed into Little Pimmit Run due to active streambank erosion.

Given the extent of the project, the project will be designed at one time but divided into two phases for construction. Phase 1 extends approximately 2,200 linear feet from Franklin Park Road to Chesterbrook Road. Phase 2 continues downstream for an additional 4,100 linear feet from Chesterbrook Road to Kirby Road. The downstream portion of Phase 2 provides greater floodplain width compared to more narrow and restrictive stream segments upstream due to adjacent private property and infrastructure.

The primary goal of this restoration is to stabilize the channel, protect property and infrastructure, and prevent future erosion and degradation along the stream. The project will also improve the diversity and health of the riparian vegetation with native trees and other vegetation to increase the viability of this habitat, improve bank stability, filter overland runoff, and shade the stream. This project is part of Fairfax County’s larger efforts to restore many of the county’s degraded streams while also improving overall water quality and the condition of the Chesapeake Bay.

Project Location

map - Little-Pimmit-Run-Trib-at-Chesterbrook-Rd-Stream-Restoration

The stream restoration project (marked in green) is located between Franklin Road and Kirby Road. Phase 1 is from Franklin Park Road to Chesterbrook Road and Phase 2 is from Chesterbrook Road to Kirby Road.

Project Benefits

Upon completion the project will:

  • Restore stream channel stability by reducing erosion
  • Protect surface waters, private property and county infrastructure
  • Restore native vegetation and plant diversity
  • Stop a source of sediment and pollutants that are bound to those sediments that flow into Little Pimmit Run, then to Pimmit Run and to the Potomac River, and thus to the Chesapeake Bay
  • Improve water quality by removing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Total Suspended Solids
  • Improve habitat for wildlife

Project Timeline

See the map for Channel Alignment Alternatives.

Please note that the design is at the concept level and is not final. The concept design is the design alignment proposed for the final design but may experience changes based on feedback received. Once easements for the project have been obtained the design can be completed in 12 months.

Project Design

Design is ongoing. A community meeting to present the concept design is planned for fall 2021. Coordination with property owners and review of land rights including the need for storm drainage and floodplain easements is ongoing.

What to Expect

Over the next few months starting in October 2021, flagging and survey markers may be visible throughout the project area. Contractors and staff will primarily be on foot and wearing high-visibility clothing. Survey markers will identify the center of the stream channel presented in the concept design and trees proposed for removal.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Restoring the section of Little Pimmit Run as part of this project is expected to cost approximately $12 million. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

Public meetings for the project will be scheduled as the status of Covid-19 restrictions permit.


For more information please contact Project Manager, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Stormwater Planning Division, or call (703) 509-0511, TTY 711.

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