DPWES Projects

The Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) builds and maintains safe, reliable infrastructure that protects public health and the environment, improves quality of life for residents. Capital Facilities refers to the construction of publicly-funded governmental facility projects such as libraries, courts, police and fire stations, and infrastructure improvement projects such as roads, sanitary sewer extensions, walkways, bus stop shelters and storm water management improvement projects.

Spotlight Projects

DPWES has selected the following projects to provide detailed information regarding background, benefits, and what to expect.

Project Name Image Description Type District *
Accotink Creek Tributary at Carrleigh Parkway (AC82-0015)  The project will restore approximately 2,400 linear feet of unstable stream channel to minimize erosion and sediment loss, protect public infrastructure, and enhance site ecology. Stormwater Projects Braddock District
Accotink Gravity Sewer Improvements Project  The county has been studying future flow projections for the northern Fairfax County area and has compared these projections to current available capacity. Wastewater Projects Hunter Mill District
Accotink Tributary at Danbury Forest Stream Restoration (SD000031-179)  The project will restore approximately 4,000 linear feet of a tributary to Accotink Creek within the Danbury Forest neighborhood, upstream of Lake Accotink. Stormwater Projects Braddock District
Carderock / Scotts Run Sewer Rehabilitation Project (WW-000026-004)  The Carderock / Scotts Run Sewer is a 24-to-30-inch sewer that conveys flow from Fairfax County to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) Potomac Interceptor (PI). Wastewater Projects
Colvin Run Phase II at Lake Fairfax Park Stream Restoration  This project will restore about 4,454 feet of stream channels in Lake Fairfax Park using a large amount of woody debris in floodplains, reconnecting the stream to its floodplain where possible, and employing multiple unique engineered grade control struc Stormwater Projects Hunter Mill District
Crook Branch at Mantua Elementary School (SD-000031-135)  The project includes restoration of approximately 2,800 linear feet of Crook Branch, its tributaries, stormwater outfalls and the floodplain. Providence and Mason Districts. Stormwater Projects
Dead Run at Georgetown Pike Stream Restoration (SD-000031-230)  The project includes restoration of approximately 5,600 linear feet of Dead Run, its tributaries, stormwater outfalls and the floodplain within the stream valley between Churchill Road and Georgetown Pike. Stormwater Projects Dranesville District
Dogue Creek at Old Mill Road (SD-0000031-256)  The project will restore approximately 2,800 linear feet of stream channel. The existing channel is unstable as evidenced by raw stream banks and the widening stream channel. Stormwater Projects Mount Vernon District
Franconia Governmental Center and Kingstowne Regional Library Project  This new, combined facility will be approximately 90,000 square feet and offer structured parking and easy access. It will house the Franconia Police Station in approximately 28,000 square feet, the Franconia District Supervisor’s Office in ... Building Projects Franconia District
Headwaters of Popes Head Creek at Brecon Ridge Subdivision Stream Restoration Project  The project will restore approximately 3,000 linear feet of Popes Head Creek, stabilize stormwater outfalls, and re-establish the stream valley floodplain connection and riparian corridor. Stormwater Projects Springfield District

Project Summary Report

The Capital Project Summary Reports list all active DPWES projects regardless of project phase. The reports are available in PDF format, one for each Supervisor district, are updated quarterly.

Projects Under Construction

Find information on projects currently under construction including the location, scope of the work, contractors and estimated completion dates.

Upcoming Future Projects

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the County’s five-year roadmap for creating, maintaining and funding present and future infrastructure requirements. Find current and upcoming future projects.

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Stormwater Improvement Projects

Fairfax County Stormwater Management is dedicated to protecting and restoring our vital natural resources through the implementation of stormwater management projects throughout the county. 

Transportation Projects

View Fairfax County Transportation Projects, Studies and Plans.

Green Buildings

A large portion of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to energy use in buildings, both here in Fairfax County and nationwide. By constructing buildings designed to use less energy, Fairfax County can save taxpayer dollars and reduce our carbon footprint. View more information and see a list of LEED Certified buildings in Fairfax County.

Capital Construction Completed Projects

The Capital Construction Completed Projects publication represents comprehensive information on all building and infrastructure projects completed by DPWES in the last Fiscal Year. The projects detailed within represent a capital investment approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in developing and preserving our community.

Capital Construction Completed Projects Cover
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