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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Rocky Run at Hickory Hollow Lane and Ashlawn Park Stream Restoration Project (SD-000031-238)

Picture - Vertical blown up banks downstream of Ashlawn Park near Nadine Drive
Vertical blown up banks downstream of Ashlawn Park near Nadine Drive.


Picture - Vertical banks 8 to 10 feet high in the mainstem of Rocky Branch
Vertical banks 8 to 10 feet high in the mainstem of Rocky Branch.


Project Update

A community meeting was held on January 28, 2021 to review the conceptual design.

Project Background

The project was identified for stream restoration and stabilization activities in the Fiscal Year 2020 work plan. The project is in wooded, residential neighborhoods. The stream channel exhibits eroded and over-widened banks, head-cuts and the potential for further bed and bank instability. A sanitary sewer line is exposed within the Rocky Run channel.

Project Description

The project area is generally identified as a floodplain and Resource Protection Area. The project will restore approximately 3,430 linear feet of degraded natural channel of Rocky Run Branch between Hunter Mill Road and Hill Road and approximately 1,740 linear feet of outfall channel in Ashlawn Park. The project area stream drains about 773 acres of surrounding neighborhoods that includes most of the Oakton Shopping Center. Restoration objectives include stream stabilization, water quality improvement, aquatic and riparian habitat enhancement, and reconnection of the channel with its floodplain. It is anticipated that the restoration will provide additional biological improvements with habitat features introduced to the restored stream channel and native vegetation plantings along the riparian corridor. Stormwater Planning Division staff will coordinate stream restoration design plans with the Fairfax County Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division in their efforts to repair a culvert located at Hickory Hollow Lane.

Project Location

The stream restoration project is located along the main channel of Rocky Branch between the headwaters near Hill Road to the culvert at Hunter Mill Road. The tributary portion of the project traverses through Ashlawn Park from the outfall at Nadine Drive to upstream of an existing pond.

The project is in the Providence District and in the Difficult Run Watershed.

map - Project limits are marked in red arrows
The project limits are outlined in purple.


Project Phase

The project is in the design phase.

Project Timeline

Preliminary design: April 2021

What to Expect

Over the next several months, the design team will be walking the project area and verifying the concept design. County staff will be in contact with the homeowners where easements are required to construct the project.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Restoring the section of Rocky Run as part of this project is estimated to cost $9.3 million. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

Public meetings for the project will be scheduled online due to Covid-19 restrictions. Notifications about upcoming meetings will be sent to the Homeowner Associations and owners who are adjacent to the project area.


For more information please contact Project Manager Sajan Pokharel, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Stormwater Planning Division, or call (703) 324-5687, TTY 711.

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