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Connect to the Public Sanitary Sewer System

Approved Sewer Service Area

Approved Sewer Service Area

sewer service area map
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In order to connect a structure to the sanitary sewer, it must be located within the approved sewer service area and public sewer must be deemed available to the property. On July 2, 1979, the Board of Supervisors adopted the following wording to clarify Board policies on extending sanitary sewer service:

"The delineation of the sewer service area boundary is determined to include the immediately adjacent area which can be served by the smallest allowable gravity lines installed in accord with the normal engineering practices which will result in the safest and most cost-effective operations and, further, any extension of a sewer line across the surface drainage divide of an approved sewer service area shall not exceed a distance of 400 feet nor a manhole depth of 12 feet without approval by the Board of Supervisors."

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Outside the Approved Sewer Service Area?

Serving someone beyond 400 feet outside of the approved sewer service area (ASSA) with public sewer will require an expansion of the ASSA. Expansion of the ASSA must be considered and adopted by the Board of Supervisors, if an existing structure has a failed or failing on-site sewage disposal system which poses an imminent health threat to the public and the environment. Expansion of the ASSA must be adopted by the Board of Supervisors and requires documented public and/or environmental health issues validated by the Health Department.

Please note that historically, the Board of Supervisors has not allowed an expansion of the ASSA for new development and redevelopment. The expansion process starts with the Department of Planning and Development in collaboration with Wastewater Management.

To request public sewer extension beyond 400 feet outside the ASSA, please contact the Department of Planning and Development at 703-324-1380, TTY 711, provided the above conditions are met.

Questions about the Fairfax County Sewer Service Area?

Call the Wastewater Planning and Monitoring Division at 703-324-5030, TTY 711.

Public Sanitary Sewer Availability

Public Sanitary Sewer Availability

Sanitary discharge shall be conveyed from a building by gravity to the sanitary sewer wherever public sewer is available. Per Chapter 65, Article 6 of the Fairfax County Code regarding connections to the sanitary sewer system, a sanitary sewer main shall be deemed available when the main is within the distances specified below:
  • For single-family attached or detached dwelling units: within 300 feet of the structure.
  • All other structures: within 500 feet of the structure.

Pumped sewage systems will only be permitted in unusual circumstances when it can be proven that gravity connection to the sanitary sewer is technically unfeasible.

Any extension of public sewer shall be made at the expense of the owner of the premises to be served.

To view current property information, visit the Department of Tax Administration ICARE
Sanitary As-Built Information
Permits and Charges

Permits and Charges

Once sewer is deemed available to the property, a permit must be obtained to connect the structure to the system.

Only a licensed plumber can obtain a permit to perform the actual sewer tap into a sewer main. If there is an existing spur, a homeowner may connect to the spur and install the sewer line to the house.


  • All applicable sanitary sewer charges must be paid prior to the issuance of the permit. The schedule of charges may be found in Chapter 67.1, Article 10 of the Fairfax County Code.
  • Payment of availability charge will not be accepted for any type of project or area that is not in an approved sewer service area (Effective Sept. 25, 1986).
  • For information regarding which charges apply to a given property, call the Wastewater Planning and Monitoring Division at 703-324-5015, TTY 711, or visit the public service counter at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 358, Fairfax, Va. 22035, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.
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