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Maintenance and Stormwater Mgmt

Maintenance and Inspections

As part of Fairfax County’s stormwater management program, Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division (MSMD) inspects stormwater management facilities to ensure proper maintenance is performed and that the facility is functioning according to the approved design.  The county performs maintenance inspections of stormwater management facilities to meet regulatory requirements as well as practice good environmental stewardship.

MSMD provides direct maintenance for approximately one-third of the stormwater facility inventory, which primarily consists of dry ponds serving residential areas.  These facilities are referred to as “public facilities.”  The remaining two-thirds of the stormwater management facility inventory are referred to as “private facilities” and are inspected by MSMD, but maintained by the facility owner or operator.  Public facilities are inspected and maintained per county schedules and guidelines by MSMD.  While private facilities must be maintained by the owner, MSMD inspects all private facilities at least once every five years to ensure that they are being properly maintained.

The information contained in the following sections describe MSMD’s guidelines and procedures for the inspection and maintenance of both public and private stormwater management facilities.

More information can be found by visiting Stormwater Management or by emailing MSMD or calling 703-877-2800, TTY 711.

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