Climate Plans, Policies, and Initiatives

Fairfax County has enacted significant plans, policies and initiatives to address the causes and effects of climate change and advance environmentally sound and energy efficient activities in county operations and beyond. From plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency community-wide to a sweeping environmental vision that addresses the conservation and protection of natural resources, these plans and policies help to define a sustainable future for all residents.


Operational Energy Strategy (OES)

The Operational Energy Strategy promotes cost-effective solutions and an energy-conscious culture for county government operations, buildings and fleet vehicles. The plan sets goals, targets and actions across major focus areas - including building energy and water use, fleet electrification, and waste management.



Environmental Vision

Fairfax County’s environment is resilient, but not indestructible. The Environmental Vision recognizes that we have a responsibility to be good stewards to ensure a sustainable future and helps to guide our environmental sustainability initiatives and programs. Two key principles direct the vision: conserving our limited natural resources and providing the resources needed to protect our environment.

Green Buildings

Fairfax County sets minimum green building standards for new construction and major renovations to county-owned and operated buildings. By constructing buildings designed to use less energy, Fairfax County can save taxpayer dollars and reduce our carbon footprint. Green buildings do more than just reduce energy use - they also address water use, waste, siting, indoor air quality, and material sourcing.

Plastic Bag Tax

The plastic bag tax is a 5-cent tax charged to customers for every disposable plastic bag used at convenience stores, drug stores, and grocery stores in Fairfax County. Since plastics do not biodegrade like other natural materials, the purpose of the tax is to curb our collective use of disposable plastic bags and to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our local waterways, roadways, and open spaces and the damage it causes.

Historic Environmental Policies

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has enacted several policies and initiatives designed to advance environmentally sound and energy efficient activities at the county level and beyond. Some policies have reached the end of their implementation phases or have been superseded by newer plans or policies.

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