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Arts for Life Festival

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the Arts for Life Festival, originally scheduled to take place in May to coincide with Older Americans Month, has been postponed. A future date for the festival will be announced when it is appropriate to do so. We apologize for any disruption this may cause but believe it necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the older adults in our communities. 

2021 Arts for Life Artist Residencies

Although the Arts for Life Festival has been postponed, the Virtual Center for Active Adults and ArtsFairfax have partnered to offer virtual Artist Residencies on the VCAA. During May and June, four teaching artists representing a range of disciplines will lead weekly interactive sessions and programs on the VCAA. Thank you to Claude Moore Charitable Foundation and Reston Community Center for sponsoring the Arts for Life Residencies.

Pictures and Poetry: Visualizing your Words for the World with Tammarrah Addison

Photo of Tammarrah Addision
Tammarrah Addison

Pictures and Poetry is a fun, interactive, low stress communal gathering where the participants will view and write poetically about visually pleasing images that evoke an array of emotions and responses. The facilitator uses the images as a catalyst for conversation, healing, laughter and insight. Participants will also get a chance to bring their own images to assist in cultivating creativity for the community of learners. Come to this gathering with an open mind and leave with new best friends and poetic pictures rendered by YOU! 

Program Dates and Times

Moving Dialogues with Kelly King

Photo of Kelly King
Kelly King; photo by Ossie White III.

Tap into your own creativity, clarity, and happiness. Moving Dialogues is a powerful way to come together, experience each other’s perspective, and create deeper meaning. Zero dance experience is expected — Moving Dialogues is for everyone and every body. Be prepared to write, move your body, think and play.

Program Dates and Times  

Music City DC! - The History of Popular Music in the Nation's Capital with Ken Avis

Photo of Ken Avis
Ken Avis

Washington, D.C., has given much to the musical world beyond its best-known exports: Duke Ellington and the punk and go-go scenes. Join musician, broadcaster, and historian Ken Avis as he explores the area’s lesser-known, remarkable, and fascinating musical avenues and why they could only have happened here in the DMV area. Film and recordings bring legendary musicians to life as Avis examines how social change, technological development, and business innovation shaped the sounds that emerged from D.C. — a political town with a serious music habit. Discover music, stories and facts...and a lot of surprises as you hear the stories of Music City DC!

Program Dates and Times

World of Rhythm and Sound with Tom Teasley

Photo of Tom Teasley with a drum
Tom Teasley

Award winning percussionist, composer and educator, Tom Teasley, will offer a series of workshops into his unique world of rhythm and sound. Tom has traveled the world as a cultural envoy for the U.S. Department of State and will share musical examples of his travels as well as stories of the cultures from which this music emanates. He is currently working virtually with the US Embassy in Port au Prince, Haiti on a series of percussion workshops in addition to music business presentations. Other travels have taken him to China, Iraq, Korea, Oman, Jerusalem, Bahrain and others. Tom will also share his work on creating music for theatre which has earned him seven Helen Hayes Nominations and three awards. The program will consist of many musical and instrument demonstrations and performances and encourage participation among the participants. Tom has equipped his studio with the latest technology for virtual presentations with professional sound interface, microphones, camera and more. All of our hearts beat in universal rhythm. Please join us for these exciting workshops.

Program Dates and Times

Why the Arts?

The Arts for Life Festival, formerly known as the Creative Aging Festival, is a month-long celebration of the arts - the meaning they provide and the positive impact they have on the lives of adults ages 50 and over.

Enjoy a variety of activities - including performances, demonstrations and interactive classes involving drawing, painting, crafting, music, dance and more as we celebrate lifelong learning through the arts!

Pursuing the arts in all their forms provides much in the way of socialization, personal enjoyment, physical and mental well-being, lifelong learning and community involvement. The Arts for Life Festival celebrates life, vitality and legacy through the arts by emphasizing the following ideals:

  • Imagine. If a world of possibilities is only limited by your imagination, then there's no better reason to find new and innovative ways to exercise yours! Having an open mind and finding new ways to express your thoughts and ideas opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities in a variety of life's most valued pursuits.
  • Move. Life can't pass you by as long as you stay on the move! The arts provide opportunities for adults to get out, engage, participate, share and enjoy the many flavors that can be found in a vastly diverse community like Fairfax County. The Arts for Life Festival has opportunities for you to get out and about - regardless of your ability or mobility.
  • Visualize. Your unique style, perspective and experience portrays a history and shapes the future for those around you. The arts allow for a variety of mediums through which you can tell your story and allow family, friends and neighbors to see the world through your eyes.
  • Create. With everything you do, you leave a little bit of you. Every creation tells a story and displays a little of the care, talents and perspective of the artist. It's not about skill level, it's about bringing your ideas to life to share with and pass on to those sharing the journey.
  • Learn. You're never too old to learn a new skill or hobby that allows you to develop new interests, make new connections and share your unique experiences and perspectives through a new art form.



Arts for Life Festival activities are sponsored in partnership with:

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Workhouse Arts Center

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