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Senior Centers Without Walls

The Senior Center Without Walls program is a public/private partnership that brings local government together with residents, businesses and houses of worship to provide all the benefits in programming and activities for older adults in communities where a senior center facility is not located. The Senior Center Without Walls program currently serves older adults in the Burke/West Springfield and Great Falls communities.

Each Senior Center Without Walls program is a community/volunteer-run program with support from the Neighborhood and Community Services.

Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls

Programming focuses primarily on exercise and fitness for older adults, including Tai Chi and Zumba classes.

Burke Springfield Center for Active Adults 
A new space at Huntsman Square in Springfield offers an exciting opportunity for the Burke-Springfield Center Without Walls to transition to a brick-and-mortar facility.  Learn more about the Burke-Springfield Center for Active Adults

2023 Advisory Council
The BWSSCWOW Advisory Council holds quarterly meetings that offer a structured forum in which active participants of the program to provide direct feedback and recommendations to Fairfax County staff. 

Great Falls Senior Center Without Walls
Programming focuses primarily on social gatherings and continuing education for older adults, including technology workshops, trips, current events discussions and guest speakers/lecturers on a variety of topics.

For activity details and schedules, visit the community-based website at


The success of the Senior Center Without Walls program relies on the support of many community partners and volunteers. A Volunteer Community Liaison acts as an activity coordinator and helps support the participating community by preparing for and leading scheduled activities. The Volunteer Community Liaison works closely with program partners to ensure the success of the activity and the safety of those involved. Some tasks can include:

  • Attending planning sessions with Center Without Walls partners
  • Greeting and announcing speakers/presenters
  • Maintaining registration forms in case of emergency and ensure that class enrollment doesn't exceed the maximum allowable limit
  • Keeping the activity on schedule
  • Distributing and collecting feedback surveys on program activities
  • Ensuring that the facility is left in clean condition following activities

If you are interested in volunteering to support the Senior Centers Without Walls program, please contact us:


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