School Readiness

Fairfax County, Virginia

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School Readiness

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Fairfax County Office for Children works in partnership with families, educators and community organizations as well as other partners across Virginia to support the school readiness of our county's youngest children.

The Commonwealth of Virginia defines school readiness as:  

  • Ready Children: Ready children are prepared socially, personally, physically and intellectually.
  • Ready Families: Ready families take responsibility for children's school readiness through direct, frequent, positive involvement and interest in their children.
  • Ready Schools: Ready schools welcome all children with opportunities to enhance and build confidence in their skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Ready Communities: Ready communities work to support children's school and long-term success by providing families affordable access to information, services, high quality child care and early learning opportunities.

For Children and Families

  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten
  • Quality Early Care and Education
  • Quality Options for Income-Eligible Families
  • Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
  • Before and After School Care
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Helpful Resources for Families

For Early Care and Education Professionals

  • Supporting School Readiness in my Program
  • Building Professional Early Education Skills
  • Helpful Resources for Professionals

School Engagement

  • Registering Children for School
  • School Support for Incoming Kindergarten Children
  • Encouraging Smooth Transitions

Community Involvement

  • Community School Readiness Strategies
  • Engaging Houses of Worship to Support School Readiness
  • Other Groups Supporting School Readiness


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