Notable New State Laws Effective July 1, 2022

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Several new laws are in effect in Virginia and in Fairfax County beginning July 1. We’ve highlighted a few for you to be aware of (with Virginia House or Senate bill numbers in parentheses if you want to look up more details).


School Threat Assessment Teams 

School resources offices (SRO) are now required to be part of a threat assessment team for any public school that employs an SRO. If a school does not have an SRO, the chief local law enforcement officer must designate an officer to receive state school safety training and serve as liaison for the school administrator. (HB 873)



Virtual Net Metering 

Updates have been made to the municipal net energy metering pilot program, expanding the program’s duration and capabilities. This bill is the direct result of a Fairfax County initiative. (HB 396)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

Park authorities created by a locality are now authorized to locate, operate, regulate the use of and install signage relating to EV charging stations on property under their jurisdiction. This bill is the direct result of a Fairfax County initiative. (HB 443)

Energy Efficiency 

Roof replacements are now able to be included in energy performance-based contracts, increasing local authority in the field of energy improvements. (HB 1225/SB 13)

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Financing Programs 

Local governments will now have new options for financing and managing payments for clean energy, resiliency and stormwater management programs. (HB 1325)



Parking at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

Parking vehicles not capable of receiving an electric charge in a space clearly marked for charging electric vehicles is now prohibited, and subject to a civil penalty of not more than $25. (HB 450)

Loud Vehicle Exhaust Systems 

This new law changes some offenses related to loud vehicle exhaust systems to primary offenses, and provides changes to previous language that prohibited law enforcement officers from stopping vehicles that violated local ordinances unless it was a jailable offense. Learn more from our Police Department. (HB 632) 

New Lights for Traffic Incident Management Vehicles 

Traffic incident management vehicles may now be equipped with flashing red or red and white secondary warning lights. (HB 793/SB 450)



Property Tax Exemptions for Military Spouses 

Beginning with tax year 2022, localities may provide tax exemptions or separate tax rates for any real property owned by a surviving spouse of a member of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. The spouse must occupy that property as a principal place of residence and may not remarry to receive the potential exemption/benefit. (HB 957)



Community Engagement 

Localities may now request that the state conduct at least one public meeting in a location to solicit public input during the planning phase of a project, providing additional options for improved public participation. (HB 437)

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