Courthouse Self-Help Resource Center

This legal self-help resource center - the first of its kind in Virginia - is a County-funded initiative and collaborative effort through the Fairfax Bar Association. The Courthouse Self-Help Resource Center (SHRC), located inside the Public Law Library, is for walk in service and is open to the public; however, visitors will need to go through the building’s security procedures at the entrances to the courthouse.

  • No food or beverages are to be consumed in the Law Library.
  • Phone conversations are prohibited in main Library areas, as are unmuted operations on personal devices or Library computers without earbuds. Please bring your own earbuds, if desired.
  • Black & white photocopiers are available for a per-side-fee payable at the front desk.
Staff Help

Fairfax Courthouse Self-Help Resource Center Staff

The Center is staffed and managed by a full-time SHRC Coordinator through funding from Fairfax County. The SHRC Coordinator is employed by and directly supervised by the Fairfax Bar Association. The SHRC Coordinator also receives input from the SHRC Standing Committee which is composed of community stakeholders.

SHRC staff are prepared and permitted to:

  • Provide you with the number of a local lawyer referral service, legal services program or other service where you can get legal help.
  • Give you information about law libraries and online resources.
  • Explain and answer questions about how the court works.
  • Give you general information about court rules, procedures and practices.
  • Provide you with available court forms and instructions.
  • Provide court schedules and information on how to get a case scheduled.
  • Provide you information from your case file.
  • Answer some basic questions about court deadlines and how they are determined.
  • Provide additional assistance in some circumstances to aid you if you have special needs.
  • Provide information, brochures and contact information about mediation and ADR programs in your court.
  • Assist you in your own language.

SHRC staff are not permitted or allowed to:

  • Tell you whether or not you should bring your case to court.
  • Tell you what words to use in your papers. We can, however, check your papers for completeness before you file them.
  • Tell you what to say in court.
  • Give you an opinion about what will happen if you bring your case to court.
  • Talk to the judge for you.
  • Let you talk to the judge outside of court.
  • Change an order signed by a judge.
  • Give you information about a judge’s decision until the judge makes that decision public.
  • Give you information that we would be unable or unwilling to give to the other side in your case.
  • Interpret court documents or tell you what you “should” do.
About / Visiting

About the Courthouse SHRC

What It Is

A resource center open to the public and located in the Fairfax Courthouse, the Courthouse Self Help Resource Center (SHRC) serves individuals in the community who interact with the judicial system and the court as litigants, prospective litigants, witnesses or those who simply have business with the court. The SHRC provides one centralized center for services that are currently being provided to the public on an ad hoc basis from numerous sources, such as the front help desk, Fairfax Bar Association lawyer referral service, court clerks offices and other entities.


The SHRC is a County-funded initiative and collaborative effort through the Fairfax Bar Association, which receives input from a stakeholders’ committee comprised of community stakeholders and non-profits serving the community, including legal aid programs, domestic violence response and advocacy programs, County agencies or departments such as the Department of Housing and Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, court staff, the Commonwealth's Attorney, Public Defender and private attorneys in various practice areas.

What It Does

The SHRC provides legal information about court procedure for the three branches of court located at the courthouse complex. Members of the public, through positive interactions with resource center staff, can access informational materials, forms, and legal resources, and receive referrals to legal services or other agencies and services that may be available. Legal advice is not provided. This is an information, resource, and referral service only.


To increase access to justice, improve court filings and provide a positive point of contact between the Court and the Community. The SHRC assists the various clerks offices by providing a location where clerks can refer members of the public for individualized responses to questions seeking legal information about forms, court procedure, where to file, and how to access resources relevant to their needs.

4110 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 115, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone:  703-246-2172
Fax:  703-591-0310


8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, closed Holidays


Hourly public parking is available for a fee in designated public parking garage (entrances to Garage B on Page Avenue). Free parking is available in several marked lots located some blocks from the courthouse in surrounding Fairfax City, with only limited street parking in the area. Persons with valid handicapped parking permits may park near the front of the courthouse in reserved lots/spaces clearly marked for their use.

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