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Land Use and Development Research Tools

Active Zoning Applications Information

Application Weekly Status Reports

The reports below list all zoning applications received and accepted in the week prior to the current week. These reports run automatically on a weekly schedule.  Reports are sorted by magisterial district and include the following information: applicant, CRD status, date accepted, area, tax maps, existing zoning, location description, and application description.

Board Packages for Zoning Applications before Board of Supervisors

Information on applications scheduled to be heard before the Board of Supervisors by meeting date.  The package includes access to the following documents:  Case Number, Applicant Name, Affidavit, Draft Proffers, Draft Development Conditions and Planning Commission Verbatim.

In-Process BOS and PC Zoning Cases

Active, pending zoning cases that have moved into any of these lifecycle statuses within the past two years: Accepted, Assigned, Ready for Hearing, PC Decision, or Deferred Indefinitely. Includes all zoning case types except special permits and variances.

In-Process BZA Zoning Cases

Active, pending Special Permit and Variance zoning cases that moved into any of these lifecycle statuses within the past two years: Accepted, Assigned, Ready for Hearing, and Deferred Indefinitely.

Minor Variations

Minor Variations are requests to make certain minor changes to rezoned entitlements. They are heard as action items during the morning at regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Supervisors. 

Planning and Land Use System (PLUS)

PLUS, is the central platform to create and submit applications online, pay fees, track application status and receive electronic notifications. Customers will complete their zoning, building, permitting or other land development and environmental health processes online through PLUS.

Planning and Zoning Viewer

The Planning and Zoning Viewer is an interactive map that provides access to information on active Fairfax County zoning applications scheduled to be heard before the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

Public Hearings and Staff Reports

Zoning and Land Use Applications, and other land use matters are scheduled for public hearings before the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Schedules, agendas and information including staff reports on applications that are scheduled for public hearings may be accessed here.

Previous Zoning Applications Information

Final Actions of Zoning Cases

Final actions of Zoning cases heard before the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Fairfax County Historical Zoning Applications Records 1959 to 1976

Scanned index card records of Zoning Applications before the Fairfax County Planning Commission and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors from 1959 to 1976.

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