Resilient Fairfax

Climate change is already having a significant impact on Fairfax County. Over the past several years, the county has seen rising average annual temperatures and more frequent heat waves, precipitation events, and extreme storms. Responding to each of these events as they occur can cost millions of dollars. Developing and implementing a plan allows the county to avoid economic, social, and environmental risks associated with climate change.

Resilient Fairfax encompasses the development of a comprehensive Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan for the county and the community as well as the implementation of strategies to reduce risk to county residents, businesses, and infrastructure. On this page you will find information about the planning process and goals of the plan, the work of the Community Advisory Group and Infrastructure Advisory Group, and ways to become involved.


The final Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan will be made up of several components. Each piece will help to answer one or more important questions about climate impacts, risks, and resilience in Fairfax County.

A small graphic with the words Climate Projections ReportThe Climate Projections Report will help address the questions "what will our climate look like in the future?" and "What climate hazards are we already facing?"

A small graphic with the words Vulnerability and Risk AssessmentTo address the question "Where are we vulnerable?" the Resilient Fairfax team will produce a Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment.

A small graphic with the words Audit of Existing Policies, Plans, and ProgramsAn Audit of Existing Policies, Plans, and Programs will help address the question "How is the county government currently doing in terms of resilience?"

A small graphic with the words Adaptation and Resilience StrategiesThe big question, "What should we do about it?" will be addressed by a set of Adaptation and Resilience Strategies.

A small graphic with the words Implementation RoadmapFinally, to help put the plan into action and address the question "How will we implement these strategies?" an Implementation Roadmap will be developed.

Materials like an interactive climate map, infographics, and quick-look fact sheets will supplement the final plan and help make the data and technical findings of the various parts quick and easy to digest.


The Resilient Fairfax planning process began in earnest in February 2021. The full plan is expected to be completed in June 2022. You can learn more about the Resilient Fairfax planning framework and timeline on the plan's fundamentals and process page.

Who Is Involved In Developing The Plan?


Throughout the planning process, the Resilient Fairfax team will seek input from Fairfax County residents, workers, and other stakeholders. Using online public surveys and periodic virtual public meetings, the team will welcome comments, questions, and concerns from individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

You can pose questions or share ideas with Resilient Fairfax staff anytime via email at 

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