Plan Forward: Help Shape Policy to Guide Land Use and Development Decisions

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The county has launched a new, multi-year project to update the policies that impact future land use decisions and potential development called Plan Forward. The project focuses specifically on the policies included in the Policy Plan, which is a component of the Comprehensive Plan.

Covering a wide range of topics, the Policy Plan has not been updated holistically since it was adopted in 1990. Plan elements, like expanding economic opportunities, providing access to public facilities and convenient modes of transportation, and creating a pleasing and sustainable environment to live and work in are all addressed within the Policy Plan. It’s the common thread that guides land use decisions in the county.

Plan Forward is an important opportunity to ensure the updated Comprehensive Plan policies enhance the quality of life for our residents. Plan Forward is guided by several county efforts, such as the Countywide Strategic Plan, One Fairfax, Resilient Fairfax, and the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Access Strategy.

Initial community engagement opportunities include in-person and virtual meetings that are scheduled in May and June. In addition to attending a meeting, county residents can get involved by:

  • Signing up for email updates on Plan Forward
  • Signing up to participate in topic-specific, group meetings
  • Sharing what you see for the future of Fairfax County
  • Answering the Plan Forward community survey.

Community input will inform recommendations to update the Policy Plan and consideration of any new policies needed to enhance the Policy Plan.

Find more information about Plan Forward and the latest opportunities to participate on our project website.


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